Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moving on with the new life

I have got to admit that my life is moving really fast…everything comes and goes without me having time to ok it started from me graduating from UIA then getting married, finding out that I’m pregnant and now I’m in the working life… first it seemed ok and I can accept it (not saying that I can’t accept it now) but then it made me think for a while that life does move fast and I’m having a little trouble trying to cope with all of it..from the beginning of our marriage we lived with my parents and at that time I didn’t feel the way my husband felt..he misses home and a lot of things had to be sacrificed for the marriage and how to deal with our life in the future..i now know how marriage life feels only depend on your husband and your parents is no longer your immediate family coz you now have a new family..and with the baby coming along does not make it easier(not that I’m bragging..just saying and I want this baby as much as anything)..we have to put aside our money for this coming baby too..but all in all I’m still grateful. My husband has a great job and pays ok so I think we’ll be fine after this..just a tough start at the beginning which I think every couple goes through in their early marriage life…

Moving on, now I live with my mother in law in subang..huu..the feeling that my husband once had is catching up on first it’s really difficult as firstly u r away from home and u misses home soo much. Then its in the new environment where you don’t feel as free as you were at home.. you don’t get to do the things you used to..and also I have to wear my head scarf every time I go out of the room because wan have soo many brothers..heh..this part I’m not suppose to complain coz it is my responsibility as a muslim..i’m just saying that’s all..with all of that there is the good part of it which is that these people are really nice too me and they made feel like I’m at home..especially my mother and my sister in law..they treat me really nice up to the extent that some how I feel ‘segan’ with them and ‘xnk ssh kan mereka’ tp I xboleh halang coz that’s the way they are ..this time I have to make the sacrifice that once my husband did..all in all everything is great…and we are happy together(that’s the most important thing In marriage life)…whatever happens now and in the future I know we can get through it together with a breeze as long as we have each other and always believe in Allah and also qada’ and qadar…

I really want to thank first of all to my parents because of their support for me to get married and also supporting us while we lived at their house.. they’re the greatest parents ever and never once regretted. They did a lot..and I am really grateful and never will take them for granted. The sacrifice they’ve made for me it’s impossible to list them down because it’s a lot..I can never repay them but what I can do is make they feel proud of me and give whatever I have to them..I really hope someday I would be that great parent for my future children…secondly, I would like to thank my in laws for letting us stay at their house for a few months until we have the money to move out..thanks also for treating me really nice..i really hate to burden anyone because of me..i too will try and make it up for this in the future..insya’allah..that will be my promise to them that I owe…I really appreciate what they have done for me..thanks to all…love you people too…muaxx!!