Friday, November 16, 2012


up that's the title. never ending I guess till I die... or retire...

so a quick update. Fea just turned 4 last month. we celebrated her birthday 3 times, just the four of us, at home with extended family members and at school as well. she had a great time. you could see her smile ear to ear. On the other hand Faheem is now 1 and half years old. alhamdulillah still on BM. Trying my best pumping for new stock. My milk stocks have depleted since he started solids and also I've become lazier by the day. I only pump once a day. I'm still in the process of completing my dissertation. Insya'Allah will complete it by next year. Pray for me ya~ that's all for now till next time...dunno when.. =)

latest photos of my lovely daughter and son.

 Sofeah on her birthday

Faheem, growing up so fast

Monday, June 18, 2012

Anak yg Soleh dan Solehah

Semua muslim inginkan anak2 mereka turn out to be either soleh(boys) or solehah (girls). I myself sebagai ibu tidak putus berdoa utk anak yg soleh dan solehah since I have a boy and a girl. ye la semua org nk anak yg berjaya di dunia dan juga di akhirat. anyway, cerita ni tentang anak daraku sofeah...

Alhamdulillah sejak masuk sekolah dia byk pick up tentang solat, baca doa dan juga expressions like 'Alhamdulillah'.. and I hope dia continue to absorb benda baik2 lagi dimasa hadapan..ok berbalik kepada cerita fea...ada 2 case tentang solat...

1) fea dan ayahnya

ayahnya sedang berbaring2 atas katil bersama dia tiba2 fea berkata2

fea: ayah! ayah solat dulu first baru tdo k?

ayah: owh ok fea (dalam hati berkata2 eh takan nk ckp kat fea nanti la ayah solat, kene tunjukkan contoh yg baik)

so ayahnya terus pergi menunaikan solat isya'

agaknye fea memerhati yg everytime sblm masuk tdo, ummi n ayah mesti solat dulu

2) ummi n fea pula

Azan zohor berkumandang.. beberapa minit selepas tu...

fea: ummi, jom la solat!

ummi: huh? ha ok fea kita solat...(xkan nk delaykan solat depan anak kan..kene bg contoh yg baik..terkedu sekejap)

terus dia naik ambil telekung dia n turun balik...bersemangat..

Alhamdulillah fea pick up benda2 macam ni..hopefully dimasa akan datang dia akan terus aware and sensitif lagi terhadap Islam and it's practices...

sekian cerita fea

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random thoughts

Just some random thoughts while writing up my chapter 2 from my dissertation

1) sometimes we tend to forget that time flies so fast, that we forget to appreciate or notice the small things that our children learn everyday. When we do notice it's like, eh, 'when did she learn that?', 'from where did she got that?'

2) I don't think I have enough time to do everything. exhaustion is catching up on me