Friday, November 16, 2012


up that's the title. never ending I guess till I die... or retire...

so a quick update. Fea just turned 4 last month. we celebrated her birthday 3 times, just the four of us, at home with extended family members and at school as well. she had a great time. you could see her smile ear to ear. On the other hand Faheem is now 1 and half years old. alhamdulillah still on BM. Trying my best pumping for new stock. My milk stocks have depleted since he started solids and also I've become lazier by the day. I only pump once a day. I'm still in the process of completing my dissertation. Insya'Allah will complete it by next year. Pray for me ya~ that's all for now till next time...dunno when.. =)

latest photos of my lovely daughter and son.

 Sofeah on her birthday

Faheem, growing up so fast