Monday, September 29, 2008

~SeLaMaT HaRi Raya to ALL!!~

This year's Hari Raya celebration is different from the other Hari Raya celebrations before this because I'll be celebrating the morning of the first day of Hari Raya with my husband at our home in Kelana Jaya...just the two of us..but after 'Eid prayer we'll go and visit his side of the family as my family are all in Pahang and I could not travel that far for fear that I might deliver my child on the as precaution we decided to stay here in Selangor.

Although I might feel sad the first day of Hari Raya I wouldn't be able to raya with my family as usual but at the same time I'm happy as well as I'm celebrating the very first raya with my new family and I'm certain next year will be the best Hari Raya ever as my baby is there with us and we will be sure going back to kampung..insya'allah...jumpe tokbah, maktok, tokki and moyang(kat Rompin tu)

This Hari Raya I might..u see MIGHT not in the Hari mood yet because I'll only take one day leave that is on Friday(3/10/2008) and I have to work on the Saturday plus I won't be seeing my parents until next week, deep inside I feel sad but I'll try not to show it and plus I'm also happy at the same time..u see it's all confusing..yeah I know but that's how I feel right now..the thing is you can't have everything you want rite..You just have to be positive and be thankful with what you have right now..One thing for a fact is that I'm better off than others because i have my loving husband and my family in laws celebrating this Raya..I am grateful at that..there are other people out there who celebrate Hari Raya without having their family members to share the moment at all..I'm still lucky that I have a family.

Although i am confused with how i feel about this hari raya and i know as well that deep inside i'm happy, i'm still looking forward to this raya with my new family...can't wait for it..meeting hubby's family members which I never met before..this should be interesting...hehe.. I also can't wait to eat kuih raya..especiallt tart favourite kuih of all..

So a note to self..'Bersyukur lah dengan ape yang ada, jangan byk mengeluh..ade org yang lebih susah dari kite..jangan sesekali sedih dengan ape yang kita ada sesungguhnya keadaan itu boleh menjadi lagi buruk dari sedia kala..and again bersyukur lah ye...'

To All my family members and friends out there, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin from me n hubby..sesiape yang blk kampung tue drive leklok ye termasuk lah my parents and siblings yang blk ke kampung today, Sorry xdapat nk join balik kampung this year ye together with our new baby..Insya'allah..

Owh another thing.. today, I received 'duit raya' from the company i'm working for, maybe because from ground flour to the fifth floor of this office i'm the only malay and the rest are chinese..thanks a lot to them..really appreciate it..hehe..alhamdullillah..ingat dah besor n bakal jadi mak org xdapt dah duit raya..rupenye dapat lagi..hikhik.. saje nak cakap buat kawan2 kat luar sane jelez...hee..jangan marah..mintak ampun banyak2 ye!

Smile Alwayz =)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Memilih Set Bersalin..yang mana satu ye?..

Senang kate ade sahaja benda yang hendak difikirkan manusia ni..ada sahaja benda yang merunsingkan..sejak saya mengandung ni ade sahaja benda nak search on the web..mula2 obses sangat dengan breastfeeding dan pump susu so join la, lepas dah bosan bab tu saya berpindah kepada cloth diapers, ni pon saya ade join forum tue dah bosan lagi move on kepada jenis botol susu plak..mane yang bagus..BPA free or beli botol kaca jer terus and dok survey2 jenama botol yang safe utk anak..dah jelak membace pasal jenis botol move on kepada baby sling/pouch pulak macam berminat dengan baby sling/pouch ni (tp mum and hubby xencourage sgt beli baby pouch/sling ni).. ha sekarang sibok pulak dengan memilih set bersalin yang terbaik..banyak sangat product 0ut there to choose from..nak bace setiap review memang penat la kan sebab terlalu banyak and people guna set yang berlainan mengikut kesesuaian badan masing-masing.

Antara set yang telah saya survey dan tengok - tengok adalah set bersalin Ammy Salindah, Tropical Herbs Amway, Mustika ratu, Leesa formula - confinemum dan Nona Roguy. Mind you that set bersalin ni semua over RM200..huhue..tue yang kene fikir panjang tu mane yang patut beli dan yang terbaik.

Setelah banyak buat survey dan sebagainya saya rasa saya akan cuba set bersalin Tropical Herbs Amway ni..apa yang buat saya tertarik dengan set ini adalah adanya herba - herba untuk meransangkan susu ibu.. disebabkan saya hendak fully breast feed anak sulung saya nanti saya rase benda ni perlu supaya cukup stok susu untuk set ni easier to consume compared tu salindah yang banyak sangat jenis nye sampai boleh keliru kot..hehe..then ade set Leesa formula(my mum yg recommend). Set ni mahal sikit, RM350, mungkin akan try lepas bersalinkan anak kedua nanti insya'allah. Set mustika ratu pula dikata kan panas dan tidak elok bagi ibu yang hendak menyusukan anaknye kelak. "Kesian kat anak tu," ni mak saya yang cakap la sebab dulu2 die gune set mustika ratu ni and anak-anak die tak minum susu ibu lama.

So now dah confirm untuk beli set bersalin amway setelah saya dan suami berbincang dengan terperinci dari segi aspek penggunaannya dan harganya(ni penting ni..hubby financial controller..hehe) kami telah membuat keputusan untuk membeli set bersalin amway ni selasa depan just before raya..punya la bersemangat siap ambil cuti half day lagi..hehe..xpe2 demi bakal anak yang tercinta..

Smile ALways =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just daily things

This time i'll be writing about my thoughts and also what i've been up to lately, and today i'll start off writing about foods that i can't eat because i don't want to harm my child but at the same time i'm craving for it(talking about junk food)..huu..i have to be patient for 3 months plus or so. but then sinceI want to breast feed my baby exclusively i can't eat just about anything either because it will effect my breast milk and still i have to be patient for another 2 years..huu..that is if I'm not pregnant for my second child, if i am pregnant then i still have to restrain myself from eating junk food..i had thought about this for a long time and i think by the age of 45, only then i can eat whatever unhealthy things i want to eat..but then again at that age i'm prone to have diabetes, obesity and such since my family have a history of these disease. the conclusion is that i or rather we can't always eat the things that we desire too much because we might end up falling sick and also live an unhealthy life.

The things that i want to eat at this moment are maggi curry, lays (and also other jajan out there), and drink coke. I guess that's it..hehe..not that many huh..

Moving on, since i and hubby just got married and we're trying really hard to build up our lives from scratch we have to save a lot of money for the baby and also for furniture for our new home. we have been quite lucky really as we have survived for two months now on our own and i really am grateful for that. Up to now the things we have in our living room and dining room are a dining table with six stools, two carpets and a television(yea!..thanks to my MIL) . Now that we're in the month of ramadhan we do get to save a little bit because we only ate one meal a day and sometimes we either go back to my mums house or to my mother in law's house to break our fast. we do go to the bazaar everyday after work, only to buy some kuih for RM 2 and also a lauk for only RM 1, that's all. when we reach home i'll be busy cooking rice and another lauk with chicken. what i'm trying to say is that even though we only spend a little but still we have a little to spare and still we survived..until now we still don't have any extra money for our savings..guess we'll have to wait for a few months before we start saving for our future..I really can't wait for this months salary, we're going to use it to buy a TV cabinet(yes, at the moment the TV is on the floor) and some stuff for the newborn. Really can't wait!

As i'm working in a Chinese company i don't get a bonus for hari raya (huu) but maybe i'll get a bonus on chinese new year..yippeee..since we don't have any extra money for this hari raya me and hubby decided not to go back to kampung this year..I really am sad that we couldn't go back but insya'allah by next year we can afford to do it plus it will be more meaningful because it'll be our first raya together with our baby..this raya we're thinking of inviting some friends over..the third saturday of October maybe..

As for buying baby stuffs me and hubby decided to buy something that have quality and at the same time we can afford it..and yes we ended up buying things online which is second hand items and there are some that is as for now i'm addicted to shopping saves the hassle really compared to going to the mall, as my baby is getting heavier by the day I can't neither walk a long distant nor stand up for a long time.

till next time!

Smile Always! =)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Soo funny!! well it felt funny

Yesterday after breaking our fast with a doughnut and roti jala, as usual me and hubby did the maghrib prayer together. As we were in our first rakaat i felt this funny vibration in my tummy, at first i thought my hand phone vibrated but when i think back why would i have my phone with me while i'm praying and then it happened for the second time. It feels like u have bubbles of air inside your tummy and this is a different feeling from if you have a bad indigestion. Only then i remembered what i've read in the books about babies development at this stage. guess what? it was my baby's first fart. hee. It was quite funny i wanted to laugh but couldn't as i was still praying so i ignored it..hehe..funny isn't it..xsenonoh la baby kacau ummi nk solat..kentut plak die..hikhik...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

~Baby's wishlist~

These are the things we need for our new born child(i think that we need these things some maybe are less important than others). Things that i have been thinking about for a while and gives me a head ache at times . It's normal for a first time mother to worry about things that they need to buy for their new born for example what types of clothes I need to buy, diapers, bottles and the brands out there..owh my gosh!..there are so many and I don't know how to choose ..even choosing a baby bottle causes a lot of hassle because of the awareness about the plastics that the manufacturers use for bottles, there are some that can be harmful to babies and bottles that are BPA free are said to be safe for babies..

Then comes the diapers, since hubby n I care for the environment we've decided to use cloth diapers instead of disposable. Cloth diapers too have a lot of types and brands out there to choose from. Now that we are in the new era, cloth diapers have improved soo much and it's not like the ones our mother used to use on us when we were little. It is more easier to use.
Ok enough babling about cloth diapers I'll move on to the things we need for our baby.

The checked ones are the things we already have and the rest we're thinking of buying it with our next month's salary. I think the things that we need I've listed them all down. If i missed something out please do tell me so i can include them in our shopping list.
That will be all from me today...

Smile always =)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How did we get this far...

And yet again this was a question that my hubby asked me last Sunday..and it took me a day to answer such was not that difficult to answer but it made me think..

And so the answer is simple.. it is because we have each other that we ended up here today..sure we don't live in a luxurious home and have complete furniture in the house but the most important thing is that we have each other and that's all that we need to move forward with our life from now on..without each other we would have a different life all together and believe me it would not be as beautiful as it is now..

And now the baby is on the way, our lives will be more complete with the existence of this baby in two months time.. insya'allah.. pray for us..and thanks to all of my friends for their support..and also many2 thanks to those who wants to buy gifts for our future baby..

what i'm trying to say is that having the one you love soo much beside you can make a lot of things possible in life..things that you don't expect to get or places you don't expect to be in such a short time.. the one you love, in my case would be my husband will always make you happy and drive you to be a better person..

this is just a short entry by me this time...better continue with my work..hehe..till next time..

Smile Alwayz.. =)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A letter of appreciation to my dearest husband…

Thank you for always wanting to help me around the house with the house chores even though I know that u are tired with working the whole day..Thank you for being strong for me on the days that I feel like quitting. All the thanks for scolding me for the things that I done wrong and believe me I deserve it to make me realize and not to repeat it in the future and if I do repeat it you kept on reminding will always be my soul mate where you understand every angle of me..even though sometimes you’re tired of comforting me(I can see from your face) at times when I cry for every little thing(pregnancy hormones) but you still pulled through and always patient.

I know that you’ve always sacrificed a lot of your time and money for me…what really hurts me is when I know I’ve disappoint you many times and yet not realize my mistakes..sometimes I say thing that I did not mean and ended up hurting you..not that I did it on purpose but at times I act before thinking the consequences first..i really am sorry for that and hope you forgive me(I know u have). I really appreciate your sacrifices even before our marriage where you only ate bread and soup for breaking your fast and also for sahur, sell your car just to save money for our marriage.. I know you tried hard and you sacrificed a lot for me and I really appreciate it..believe me I can’t do as much as you did but I’ll try my very best not to disappoint you anymore... I always feel stupid and unworthy every time I hurt your feelings..believe me if I can turn back the time I would.

Every time when you sleep I will watch you and deep down inside me I really feel sad and tears will run down my cheeks thinking that I’ve never done enough for you and I always have to double my efforts next time..i don’t know how I have the heart to hurt you.. not that I did it o purpose or anything..but then again sometimes people tend to act without thinking especially when they are angry or upset.

Just know that I will always love you from the bottom of my heart and will not disappoint you in the future as I’ve always did, I want to improve myself but at times it’s just stubbornness will always hold me back from improving..i really am sorry..

Thank you for being soo supportive of everything I do and for wanting me to have the best in life..

To my unborn child, always listen to your father as he knows what’s best for you. Do not be as stubborn as your mother otherwise you will end up regretting it..and at that time you know that it’s too late to repair all the damages that you’ve done..your father is the greatest father you could ever have in this world..i know this as he cares for you from when you aren’t born yet..just know that he went through a lot for you to live a pleasant life in the future.

Smile Alwayz! =)

This time last year…

Have you ever think back on how your life was in the past at this time but last year?...well I have since I hubby suddenly ask me about my situation last year and how I was then compared to now. Last year around this time of the year I have just started my semester in IIUM. It was my final semester. Quite sad because I know that my life will change after graduating from IIUM. Same as the other students who was in their last semester at that time, we worry about the same thing which is finding a great job that suits them. At that time I still don’t know what to be or what kind or job that suits me. Most of my friends already know where they’re heading but I don’t. So moving on, because at that time I was single and available thinking about marriage is far off. I targeted to get married by the time I’m 25 years and above. You know the typical dream for anyone is to work on their career first , save money, buy a car and a house after that get married. Well that was my dream. After breaking up with the one I really love and cared about at the time I did not think about guys anymore. I just want to focus on my career.

So what did I do this time last year? A lot really, because I no longer have that special someone I socialize more meaning I mingle around with a lot of people and so a lot of interesting stuff. Things I had never done before. I’m not proud of it but at least I had the experience of doing it. I did all of this because I think at that time I was trying to forget that someone and to get over him I needed something to distract me from thinking about him. chill…I didn’t do anything bad just went out wit some friends at night that’s all and also I had fun during our trip to Langkawi.

It all began from taaruf really, I get to know a lot of other people and I had fun hanging out with them. I decided not to just stick wit the old friends but instead broaden the horizon. Some of these people I knew them from the past but not close with them but i just know their names and that’s about it. during our induction course for taaruf I spend most of my time with them and we had fun. We would do a lot of crazy stuff and at the same time we couldn’t careless what out people want to say about us nor what they think about us and I also met a lot of guy friends from kulliyyah of engineering. I never thought that we end up so close but we did and they were nice guys too.

One week into the semester me n my friends went to Langkawi Island. This was all planned out months ago. We called it our graduation trip. I ready had fun, because we had done a lot of thing on the island like going island hopping, shopping(typical thing to do in Langkawi) and just laze around on the beach. What made it even more memorable is that I went on the trip with my closest friends which I really cared about.

Weeks after the trip there was this colloquium event in IIUM. Once again I work with a lot of taaruf people. It as during this period that my hubby decided to keep in touch with me again..i was really happy this time but also sad because we were at that time just friends and I don’t know how to took me a day to reply back his message. Anyway, after the event me and my so called new gang decided to go out to putrajaya because two of my friends never went to Putrajaya before. So the six of us decided to go just to hang around. 2 guys and 4 gals.

Aikol Explorace was the next event that I joined. So in my team was me, zoora, apar and syed. We tried really hard during the race running around to find clues but we didn’t win. At the end of the day this didn’t matter at all. All we know is that we had fun and that was enough. After the event we all went to my house.

I also joined the merdeka convoi to Kuantan..really had a great time…went with my friends..we drove all the way to kuantan and all the way back..just for the 50th merdeka celebration organized by UIA. All in all it was all fun and I would love to do it again..if my husband allows me to do so..hehe..

Then like any other year it was convest (convocation fiesta) time.. as always we students were forced to go to convest hill for our meals because the cafeteria at our mahallah is closed. It was around this time that me n wan(hubby) really got close to each other…we often go out together for our meals and when we have the chance we will meet and etc..this is what the Malays would say “cinta mula berputik kembali” hikhik..(malu pulak nak tulis)..and the result of this we ended getting married and I am now pregnant with our first child..I really am happy now because the man i love will always be here for matter what happens in the future we will go through it together thick and thin..

THE END..happy ending eh..typical..ahaha..

NoTE:- i wrote this a few monts ago but never had the chance to finish it's a little bit back dated..

SMiLE ALwaYS! =)

2 months to go!!

Yup..from the title i'm 7 months pregnant people must wonder how i'm feeling..hehe..the truth is that i'm very scared as i'm coming closer to my labour day..i don't know what to expect and also how to face it when it comes..all i know is that i want my hubby beside me when the day comes..

Me and hubby kind off expecting the baby to come out earlier than the due date that the doctor's given me. It is all because of my huge's getting bigger by the day and heavier too.. i'm having false contractions(contractions that happen in the third trimester) does hurt but then it only last for a minute or two so it's still ok..these false contractions will occur everyday and the gap between the contractions you had before will come closer(i don't know if you understand me..senang kate makin nak labor makin kerap la dapat these contractions)..hehe..

Now that i'm in my third trimester there is a lot of changes that i go through..first is that my skin is softer, secondly, my hair is not as oily as it use to be, thirdly i have these skin allergies..i read at some forums about this and they say it is normal for a pregnant lady to have this rashes on their hands and feet mainly..others start from their stretch marks but i only have it at my hands and feet especially around the fingers and toes ..this rashes will be gone after labour (which is another 2 months..and i'm not allowed to scratch..huhue) i dun have to worry about this..but the itchiness is soo unbearable..all i can do is just to put on some cream..that's all..other than that bersabar banyak2..hehe..fourthly, my feet will swell really bad if i walk and stand too much. sometimes at home when i need to cook i will sit on a chair(u know the ones in the office that have rollers) and roll with it from one place to another..hehe..

yeah i know it's been ages since my last entry, this is because i'm too lazy to write and also too busy at times..hehe..most of the time i read up things from forums about pregnancy and also search for baby items online..some things that i've bought online is cloth diapers and a baby carrier..maybe i'll buy the cute baby costume that hubby wants next month..hehe(because it is my first time pregnant me and hubby are all excited about it..normal huh)

Smile Alwayz! =)

My pregnancy..

As you all know that I’m now 6 months pregnant. Being pregnant is not easy but at the end of the day we all know that we can cope with it and also we will get a reward which is giving birth to another human being. I’m writing today just to share my experience as a first time pregnant woman. How it feels like to be pregnant, the excitement, the pain and all those other things people experience when they are pregnant. Sure different people experience different things but this is my story that I would like to share with all my beloved friends.

First stage, finding out I’m pregnant. This part I was quite surprised when I first found out. Me n my brothers, yes I dragged my brothers along with me to the pharmacy to buy that pregnancy test kit. I felt a little bit embarrassed at that time but I needed to know my state as I was applying for a job. Anyway, skip to the time when I found out about my pregnancy. The first person I told was obviously my husband then I told my family (as I was living with them at that time). The time when I told my husband, he was not at home, he was in UIA but I know the second I told him the news he was really happy and knowing that he would soon be a daddy made him happier because he totally love children (I can see this from the way he treats his nephews).

Early stage of pregnancy is very crucial as the old people would say it. I have to be careful and I can’t carry heavy stuff as the seed planted in me is not yet secure (referring to what the old people use to say again). To me everything done has to be in slow motion, u can’t do this n u know how it feels? Everything u do and say is being controlled. Owh, I’m totally exaggerating. It’s really not that bad. The more you go into this stage of your life the more u learn and understand why people do this and this when they are pregnant.

First three months not much change. My body still looks the same well everything’s just the same really. I only vomited like 3 times during these first three months. Not that bad huh considering many people vomit throughout their pregnancy. Actually, I don’t know how to vomit by my self. I need my husband’s help by messaging my back and my neck area so that it would be easier for me to vomit it all out. Thank God he was always there with me when I needed him. Without his help I can’t do anything, I would just lie down and hope for that feeling to go away. Sometimes I even cry because it hurts soo bad that I can’t do anything about it but just be patient. The first visit to the doctor was the best moment during these first three months. We went to Az-zahrah clinic in Bangi, the doctor scanned my belly and we saw this little cute fetus. I was soo overjoyed and I had tears in my eyes as I never thought that I would be carrying this tiny living thing inside me that soon. I can see my husband’s big smile as he too was really happy.

The fourth month, the bump is a little bit visible but people still wouldn’t know that I’m pregnant if they saw you all know I have a small figure and my weight only went up by one or two kg at that time my weight was 38kg. Still ok huh. Emotionally I would say I’m unstable as I would cry for no reason at all and also I would be so sensitive that anything people say would hurt me..oh my god the crying part was the most horrible experience ever..I just could not stop until I’m tired and I would just go to sleep in tears. During this time I felt sorry for my husband having to face all of this. He is really a great husband I would say as he did a lot of things for me and he had tolerated a lot with me. We also talked to the baby whenever we have the chance to. So that the baby would be familiar with our voices. I love seeing my hubby rubbing my belly while talking to the baby. The feeling I can not describe..a mixture really. I feel happy, ‘terharu’ is what the Malays would say. Because the way he speaks with soo much passion and love, I can feel it everytime.

The fifth month, emotionally I’m better than the month before. I dun cry anymore it’s only my body is starting to feel the pain now. My back aches if I stand or sit for a long time, I can no longer stand for a long time either as my legs will start to feel the pain because of my weight and also at nights before going to sleep I will have that feeling of having difficulties in breathing this makes it more difficult for me to go to bed. Everyday I have to eat something that I don’t like which is kerang, hati ayam, paru and all the other food that is suppose to increase my blood count. Before going to sleep I have to take those supplement pills, you know the ones that pregnant woman take for the baby. I hated taking pills but I have to because you know why, everything I sacrificed now will be for the future baby. At this stage also I can feel my baby kick or move.

Now I’m in the sixth month of pregnancy. I’m still having difficulties in breathing at night that is why now I have to see a physician and I also have to use the inhaler to help me breathe. The physician said the cause of it was that I’m not pumping in a lot of oxygen as I’m suppose to for the growth of the baby, and this part scares me. I don’t want my baby not growing healthily inside me. But now slowly this difficulties in breathing is fading away I don’t feel as bad as the past months. The medication that the doctor gave me really helped. I have to take extra calcium as I always get leg cramps. Every night I would have bad dreams and when the morning comes my body feels really exhausted from not having enough rest and then I have to get ready for work and back at home around 6p.m everyday. It is really tiring but I have to cope with it and be strong that’s what my husband always says.

Owh and if you see me now don’t be surprised to see that huge bump on my belly. It’s getting bigger and heavier. Whatever I wear I tummy will still be visible and also my baby is getting more stronger by the day, he or she likes to move a lot..sometimes it’s non stop..i always wondered what the baby is doing. At times I can feel the baby’s heart beat usually when the baby moves a lot and then the heart wants to pump in more oxygen for the is because the baby move too much that sometimes I feel tired as if I had done a marathon, my heart also beats faster than normal..

This is my daily routine from Monday until Friday. In the morning I would wake up around 6 o’clock, take a shower and do the usuals that people do while in the toilet, then get dressed after that solat subuh with hubby. After solat I would go down stairs to prepare breakfast. The usual toast bread with butter and jam. Eat breakfast with hubby, mak(mother in law) and biena(our nephew) and around 6.50 am of to work. First my husband will drive to his workplace which is in mont kiara, we usually arrive there at 7.30a.m then from there I drive myself to work at Bandar Tasik Selatan and I usually arrive by 7.50a.m. I usually have to wait in the car for a while as my office hours starts at 8.30a.m but still I have to arrive early because of the parking. If I’m late I will not get the free parking and instead pay RM4 for the parking which is really costly. We can’t afford to waste money like that. My office hour ends at 4.30pm. around that time I’ll be off to Mont Kiara and pick my hubby. But every time I arrive At SC (securities commission – my hubby’s workplace) I will do the asar prayer first then go home because his office hour does not end until 5.15pm. I have to wait for him at times which is tiring, the waiting part is tiring because of my condition but when I see his smiling face coming out from the office my heart melts and I don’t feel that tired anymore.heh..anyway, I would reach home between 6pm and 6.30pm depending on the traffic rest for a while then take a bathe, do the maghrib prayer go downstairs for dinner and watch tv, do isya’ prayer and go to bed at see this is my daily routine..evryday it’s the same thing..boring and kinda on Sundays I have to go to work but only half day but still it is soo tiring plus i always have to carry this extra weight and my baby is getting heavier by the day..huu..all in all I’m grateful that my life is blessed with people that care about me and take care of me all the time..if I need anything I just need to ask for it..thanks to my loving, caring and adorable husband.

Everyday I would pray to Allah for my baby’s health and my family. For all my friends out there please pray for me and the baby. My only pray is that there will be no complications during delivery as the past few nights I had nightmares of my delivery..huu..this is normal from one of the books that I read. I guess dats all for now..thank you for reading and remember Smile Alwayz!