Saturday, September 6, 2008

2 months to go!!

Yup..from the title i'm 7 months pregnant people must wonder how i'm feeling..hehe..the truth is that i'm very scared as i'm coming closer to my labour day..i don't know what to expect and also how to face it when it comes..all i know is that i want my hubby beside me when the day comes..

Me and hubby kind off expecting the baby to come out earlier than the due date that the doctor's given me. It is all because of my huge's getting bigger by the day and heavier too.. i'm having false contractions(contractions that happen in the third trimester) does hurt but then it only last for a minute or two so it's still ok..these false contractions will occur everyday and the gap between the contractions you had before will come closer(i don't know if you understand me..senang kate makin nak labor makin kerap la dapat these contractions)..hehe..

Now that i'm in my third trimester there is a lot of changes that i go through..first is that my skin is softer, secondly, my hair is not as oily as it use to be, thirdly i have these skin allergies..i read at some forums about this and they say it is normal for a pregnant lady to have this rashes on their hands and feet mainly..others start from their stretch marks but i only have it at my hands and feet especially around the fingers and toes ..this rashes will be gone after labour (which is another 2 months..and i'm not allowed to scratch..huhue) i dun have to worry about this..but the itchiness is soo unbearable..all i can do is just to put on some cream..that's all..other than that bersabar banyak2..hehe..fourthly, my feet will swell really bad if i walk and stand too much. sometimes at home when i need to cook i will sit on a chair(u know the ones in the office that have rollers) and roll with it from one place to another..hehe..

yeah i know it's been ages since my last entry, this is because i'm too lazy to write and also too busy at times..hehe..most of the time i read up things from forums about pregnancy and also search for baby items online..some things that i've bought online is cloth diapers and a baby carrier..maybe i'll buy the cute baby costume that hubby wants next month..hehe(because it is my first time pregnant me and hubby are all excited about it..normal huh)

Smile Alwayz! =)

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Mama-Miya a.k.a "Jedi Hopeful" said...

i did and didnt enjoy my pregnancy...

but the end product was worth it..and when the baby open her mouth to latch on, that is when the mother is at the happiest.


but now since i'm no longer pregnant..i feel empty..ade jugak time i wish anak cam masuk blk in my womb so that i can spend 24/7 with her, instead of half day away at work.