Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just daily things

This time i'll be writing about my thoughts and also what i've been up to lately, and today i'll start off writing about foods that i can't eat because i don't want to harm my child but at the same time i'm craving for it(talking about junk food)..huu..i have to be patient for 3 months plus or so. but then sinceI want to breast feed my baby exclusively i can't eat just about anything either because it will effect my breast milk and still i have to be patient for another 2 years..huu..that is if I'm not pregnant for my second child, if i am pregnant then i still have to restrain myself from eating junk food..i had thought about this for a long time and i think by the age of 45, only then i can eat whatever unhealthy things i want to eat..but then again at that age i'm prone to have diabetes, obesity and such since my family have a history of these disease. the conclusion is that i or rather we can't always eat the things that we desire too much because we might end up falling sick and also live an unhealthy life.

The things that i want to eat at this moment are maggi curry, lays (and also other jajan out there), and drink coke. I guess that's it..hehe..not that many huh..

Moving on, since i and hubby just got married and we're trying really hard to build up our lives from scratch we have to save a lot of money for the baby and also for furniture for our new home. we have been quite lucky really as we have survived for two months now on our own and i really am grateful for that. Up to now the things we have in our living room and dining room are a dining table with six stools, two carpets and a television(yea!..thanks to my MIL) . Now that we're in the month of ramadhan we do get to save a little bit because we only ate one meal a day and sometimes we either go back to my mums house or to my mother in law's house to break our fast. we do go to the bazaar everyday after work, only to buy some kuih for RM 2 and also a lauk for only RM 1, that's all. when we reach home i'll be busy cooking rice and another lauk with chicken. what i'm trying to say is that even though we only spend a little but still we have a little to spare and still we survived..until now we still don't have any extra money for our savings..guess we'll have to wait for a few months before we start saving for our future..I really can't wait for this months salary, we're going to use it to buy a TV cabinet(yes, at the moment the TV is on the floor) and some stuff for the newborn. Really can't wait!

As i'm working in a Chinese company i don't get a bonus for hari raya (huu) but maybe i'll get a bonus on chinese new year..yippeee..since we don't have any extra money for this hari raya me and hubby decided not to go back to kampung this year..I really am sad that we couldn't go back but insya'allah by next year we can afford to do it plus it will be more meaningful because it'll be our first raya together with our baby..this raya we're thinking of inviting some friends over..the third saturday of October maybe..

As for buying baby stuffs me and hubby decided to buy something that have quality and at the same time we can afford it..and yes we ended up buying things online which is second hand items and there are some that is as for now i'm addicted to shopping saves the hassle really compared to going to the mall, as my baby is getting heavier by the day I can't neither walk a long distant nor stand up for a long time.

till next time!

Smile Always! =)


wun said...

haha pendek kata takleh makan and minum bende tak sehat...ikut jer your hubby tu..

diana ghazali said...

ciannya. takpe la farid. sabar banyak2. tak makan sume tu, awak gak yg sehat dan ceria. baru la bleh maintain cute kannn

Mary said...

wah i just found out that u're heavily pregnant! congrats!!!!
hoping u're taking things easy and not stressing urself out too much.
Rest well and i hope that u will have a smooth and SAFE delivery inysAllah


wahyun said...

pastikan aku termasuk dalam senarai jemputan "...we're thinking of inviting some friends over..the third saturday of October maybe.." seperti yg diuar2kan. apa kisah beraya di KL, sedang di KL lebih meriah beraya (lebih 'privacy')

FaRiSyA said...

Wun-ye la hubby tercinta

diana-yup..kene bersabar byk2..huhue..byk sgt pantng larangnya..

maryam-thanks maryam..bile nk datang malaysia lagi?..hehe..kerja kt mane sekarang?..camne boleh tersesat kat my blog ni..hikhik.. =)

wahyun-bab jemputko datang tue ok jer..nnti ko remind wan ye utk jemput..hehe..takut nnti ramai sangat ajak org lepas tue lupe plk kan..hee..insya'allah aku ingt k..

Mary said...

i've been back a couple of times.i mmg takkan TAK balik. I have to cos i do have family (my grandparents and 2nd cousins) all of them in Negeri9. Actually i was back in KL twice since i graduated. hehehe..just a short shopping break and once more during the weekend of YOUR convocation. but i cld only stay till sunday, had to go to sch the next day (i teach in a jr. college now) slmt menyambut hari raya!

wahyun said...

aha...terima kasih.

FaRiSyA said...

mary - SELAMAT HARI RAYA to you too!

wahyun - sama-sama ye...hehe..ko xnk jemput kami beraya kerumah ko plk ke?