Saturday, September 6, 2008

This time last year…

Have you ever think back on how your life was in the past at this time but last year?...well I have since I hubby suddenly ask me about my situation last year and how I was then compared to now. Last year around this time of the year I have just started my semester in IIUM. It was my final semester. Quite sad because I know that my life will change after graduating from IIUM. Same as the other students who was in their last semester at that time, we worry about the same thing which is finding a great job that suits them. At that time I still don’t know what to be or what kind or job that suits me. Most of my friends already know where they’re heading but I don’t. So moving on, because at that time I was single and available thinking about marriage is far off. I targeted to get married by the time I’m 25 years and above. You know the typical dream for anyone is to work on their career first , save money, buy a car and a house after that get married. Well that was my dream. After breaking up with the one I really love and cared about at the time I did not think about guys anymore. I just want to focus on my career.

So what did I do this time last year? A lot really, because I no longer have that special someone I socialize more meaning I mingle around with a lot of people and so a lot of interesting stuff. Things I had never done before. I’m not proud of it but at least I had the experience of doing it. I did all of this because I think at that time I was trying to forget that someone and to get over him I needed something to distract me from thinking about him. chill…I didn’t do anything bad just went out wit some friends at night that’s all and also I had fun during our trip to Langkawi.

It all began from taaruf really, I get to know a lot of other people and I had fun hanging out with them. I decided not to just stick wit the old friends but instead broaden the horizon. Some of these people I knew them from the past but not close with them but i just know their names and that’s about it. during our induction course for taaruf I spend most of my time with them and we had fun. We would do a lot of crazy stuff and at the same time we couldn’t careless what out people want to say about us nor what they think about us and I also met a lot of guy friends from kulliyyah of engineering. I never thought that we end up so close but we did and they were nice guys too.

One week into the semester me n my friends went to Langkawi Island. This was all planned out months ago. We called it our graduation trip. I ready had fun, because we had done a lot of thing on the island like going island hopping, shopping(typical thing to do in Langkawi) and just laze around on the beach. What made it even more memorable is that I went on the trip with my closest friends which I really cared about.

Weeks after the trip there was this colloquium event in IIUM. Once again I work with a lot of taaruf people. It as during this period that my hubby decided to keep in touch with me again..i was really happy this time but also sad because we were at that time just friends and I don’t know how to took me a day to reply back his message. Anyway, after the event me and my so called new gang decided to go out to putrajaya because two of my friends never went to Putrajaya before. So the six of us decided to go just to hang around. 2 guys and 4 gals.

Aikol Explorace was the next event that I joined. So in my team was me, zoora, apar and syed. We tried really hard during the race running around to find clues but we didn’t win. At the end of the day this didn’t matter at all. All we know is that we had fun and that was enough. After the event we all went to my house.

I also joined the merdeka convoi to Kuantan..really had a great time…went with my friends..we drove all the way to kuantan and all the way back..just for the 50th merdeka celebration organized by UIA. All in all it was all fun and I would love to do it again..if my husband allows me to do so..hehe..

Then like any other year it was convest (convocation fiesta) time.. as always we students were forced to go to convest hill for our meals because the cafeteria at our mahallah is closed. It was around this time that me n wan(hubby) really got close to each other…we often go out together for our meals and when we have the chance we will meet and etc..this is what the Malays would say “cinta mula berputik kembali” hikhik..(malu pulak nak tulis)..and the result of this we ended getting married and I am now pregnant with our first child..I really am happy now because the man i love will always be here for matter what happens in the future we will go through it together thick and thin..

THE END..happy ending eh..typical..ahaha..

NoTE:- i wrote this a few monts ago but never had the chance to finish it's a little bit back dated..

SMiLE ALwaYS! =)

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