Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tentang susu

Freezer saya dah penuh dgn susu. lihatlah~

Dah keluarkan sikit kononnya nk tumpang freezer mak mertua~

Atas sebab tertentu terlupa dan basi la susu ni. terpaksa buang ada 5botol and 25bag. Total 30...huu sedey.

Susu yang ada sekarang~

InsyaAllah boleh survivekan dgn stock yang ada skrg ni... hope so =)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fea's and Faheem's carseats

Fea's first car seat was Maxi Cosi Cabriofix.
Now, it belongs to Faheem

Fea's Second Car seat was Maxi Cosi Priori Xp.

Fea's current car seat is Graco Junior Maxi.

No picture of her in the seat yet =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A review of my Medela pumps

The purpose of this entry is to share with those who are interested with this topic..heee

So anyway, the greedy me have four medela pumps all together, wait a minute 3 left coz I sold one to the lovely Daeng Erni. Thanks hon~

I will review these pumps one by one from my expe
rience and point of view. It might help future mums to decide which pump is suitable for them. The pumps that I have in my collection or that I have used are;

Medela Mini-E

(Pic taken from Mr Google)

This is my first breast pump given to me as a present by my darling friend Khadijah Husin. Thank you so much dear. I used it for quite some time. The advantage of this pump is, it is easy to carry around as it is small, it is electric so my hands are not tired during the pumping session, if there aren't any power supply I could easily use 2 double A battery instead and it is easy to assemble. However the downside is that it does not have the letdown function like other Medela pumps, even though I can use the battery the suction are not as strong as when I'm using electric and thus less milk collected and the last disadvantage of this pump is, it makes a really loud noise. If I pump at the office everyone could hear the pump buzzing. Overall, it's a good pump and serves well if you don't have a big budget to spend on buying breast pump, you don't mind the noise and also it is better when you have a source of electricity at the place you are pumping. Also, it's just a single pump.

Medela Harmony

(Pic taken from Mr Google)

This is the second pump that I own. My sweet sister bought it for me in the UK. It is available here of course but over there it's cheaper. This is the only manual pump that I have. I love this pump to bits even though my hands are tired after each session but still I managed to collect a lot in a short session compared to mini-E. The parts are easy to assemble and wash too, this is important for busy mums out there. Of course this pump does not make as much noise as the Mini-E. think it's the only manual pump that has the let down function (I like)

Medela Pump in style

(pic taken from my canon powershot camera..hehe)

The next pump I bought on e-bay. This one I bought on my's a double pump. The noise I can say is the same level as the mini-E. it also does not have the let down function. Usually this pump I use it at home only as it is a bit heavy and bulky. Even so this pump has a travel adopter so I can always pump in the car whilst driving and it also has a battery pack in case there aren't any electricity outlet. I like this pump because it saves time as I can pump both breast at the same time.

Medela Freestyle
(pic taken from my canon powershot camera..hehe)

This pump was given as a gift from my beloved husband. It's a great pump as it does not make so much noise. I can move about with this pump and also it's hands free(but have not tried it yet). The pump has a rechargeable battery and I don't have to sit at the power point until the session ends. The downside of this pump is that it's a hassle to wash and also assemble compared to other pumps. there so many parts that needed to be washed and dried before and after each session. Usually I would have lost around an ounce of milk dripping before I could start leceh as the Malays' would say it...hehe

So that's all folks...I hope it helps a bit in choosing your ideal pump, After all you'll be using it for a long time(around 2 yrs) so you really need to find a pump that is comfortable and convenient to you. Like me, I like to test out that's why I have 4 of them. Maybe in the future I might try other brands as well. we'll see how it goes..hehe =). If have any questions feel free to ask ya~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wearing Faheem?

Thinking of buying a ring sling and will buy one soon~

Reasons why I want one is because:

1) Last week went out to giant hypermarket and suddenly Faheem wants to BF luckily I brought baby pouch with me and so i BF him whilst walking around at giant. He loved it.

2) During fea's time, every time she wants to BF I usually have to run and find a baby's room which is difficult to find in most malls in Malaysia. I remember once out of desperation i had to run to the car and Bf her.

3) Current baby pouch is enough you would say but it's not snug enough and the size is not adjustable

There are other reasons but I forgot. So anyway since I have a lot to learn about baby wearing I better read up on it. there are a lot of good designs and i'm not sure whether to get silk or linen definitely not cotton. Here are the list of shops that some of you could check out for cool designs ring slings

1.peek-a-pouch by peekaroobaby (pouch, wrap, ring sling-coming soon?Huh?)

2.mummyhugs(ring and pouch sling) :

3.mylovelycloset (pouch sling) :

4. thebabyloft (pouch and ring sling) :

5. mamaparadise (carry mummyhugs,momsinmind and littlepods) :

6.momsinmind (based in singapore):

7. babysashanmom (pouch sling):

8. babyznmom (ring sling):

9. Apootaern

10. kasihkusayangku (ringsling)

11. JumpsacBaby

12. Snuggbaby

13. Miabambina

14. Thelilcaliph

15. Tiny Tapir

16. Bigeyesshop

(copy and pasted from ratu hati forum by a member called Rozy)

hope it helps.. will update later which slings I bought...hee

ni tgh berguru dgn Anis lisa tentang ring sling..hope she can some over and give me a demonstration...hehe

pictures? nanti la..too lazy to upload

Monday, May 2, 2011

Apabila Fea dah reti cakap....

Scene 1

Fea terpijak kaki ummi

ummi: sakit la fea~

Fea: sorry, ummi.

cair hati ummi...huhue...terharu

Scene 2

Fea terjatuhkan iphone omma

ummi: Fea, pegang elok2 phone tu (dgn nada marah)

Fea: Sorry, ummi

tak jadi ummi nk bebel byk2...kesian pula...

Rindunye kat puteri yang sorg dia ikut parents balik Bangi kejap..

Love u always honey~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breast Crawl - Baby's First Meal

Mummies to this video...
it's very interesting...

You might wanna try it (for those who intend to BF their child)

This is an interesting teachnique...just knew about it from a friend...I will try it...hehe

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

School baru untuk fea?

My latest concern is about my daughter's education. she is now 2 and a half years old, goes to a day care centre which does not provide much input. So currently, I'm searching for a good kindergarten around Kelana Jaya. I want fea to learn something. I admit I don't have time teach her much but when I have the free time I will try to. I do feel guilty and I tried but i just don't feel it's enough.

Thinking of sending her to tadika Aladdin or tadika Salsabila. Both have agama classes but the difference is the owner of the place and the teachers they hire. One is non-muslim and the other is a muslim kindergarten. I don't want to be racist or anything it's just the concern of the kindergarten environment that's all. Also the akhlaq of the teacher's must be observed since fea will be sepending more than 30hours per week at the school. I don't want her to adapt any bad akhlaq and so on. Another concern is what they are feeding at the nursery. I know the non-muslim school will pay respect to the muslims but nonetheless I'm still "was-was" with the situation.

So anyway. Tomorrow I will go out and search a suitable school for fea. All the best to me~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Ummi, please...please!'

Last friday,

As usual, I woke up before fea does. She usually wakes up late as she knows I'm not working and I always send her to the nursery around mid day or 4p.m just before I go off to my masters class.

Her daily routine is, she would wake up and ask for milk. Then watches telly until she finishes the milk and after that I would bathe her and then eat breakfast.

Ni fea mamam sarapan (ni gambar ayh amek time tinggal berdua je dgn fea...)

But this time, she woke up with tantrums. At first I attended to her, ask what she wants and etc. Since she did not respond to that. I left her alone for a while. Well I thought it's the usual tantrum you know how malays say "pembawakan" so I let her crying for a while, just to let her release whatever she was unsatisfied with.

so she cried leaning against the wall(macam cruel je ummi ni) but not long after that she suddenly cried "ummi, please please! akit ni...akit" then I turned to her, I felt guilty and asked, "akit mane?where?where?" she showed her back and there were rashes (kulit sgt sensitive...panas sikit je dah naik rash) la...kesian anak ummi ni... I hugged her and I said "mandi first, then ummi letak ubat". Without protest she just followed...dan sepeti biasa ummi akan membebel la.."lain kali cakap fea nk ape, tanak nangis2...fea dah big girl". I think she understands =)

And another story, suddenly last night she asked for "nen" after nearly 6 months weaning her off. I think she misses it and I'm scared nanti dia berebut dgn adik dia pula...huhue..If I have ample of supply, I don't mind but tengok rezeki adik dia macam mane. Hopefully lumayan la..

Since this unborn child is a boy(according to the doc, insya'Allah), I'm afraid it won't be enough as I only bf fea fully for 1yr and 6 months after that she only bf at night and drink fm during the day. I think it was due to the fact that i got lazier and lazier pumping out my bf milk. So hopefully I'm able to bf her brother until he's 2 yrs or more ...wish me luck then =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Hospital checklist

The distance from our house to kjmc is just 5-10 minutes away but still I needed to pack a bag for the big day... The arrival of our prince(insya'allah)

So this is the list (for my reference and also my friends out there)

For me

1) Clothes , kain batik, tudung, socks and selipar

2) Dispo undies, maternity pad and nursing bra

3) Toiletries

4) Harmony breast pump and accessories

5) Breast shells

For Hubby

1) Kain pelekat, t-shirt n seluar pjg

2) Kamera

3) A book (whilst waiting in the labour room with me )

For Baby

1) 2 pasang baju, booties n mittens, a hat

2) Newborn diapers

3) Barut, bedung and selimut

4) Minyak telon (dah order 2 botol(Amway punye) dari kak hazu – sgt best…yang lain dah test, I dun like..hehe)

For Fea?

Maybe just a spare baju, diaper and milk but i don't think she'll be sleeping at the hospital with us. She'll sleep at the house with her aunty Jan.. one night saja bolehkan sayang....kesian pula anak ummi ni nanti...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Medela Pump in style breast pump for SsLe~

Here is the breast pump...if you are interested feel free to con
tact me @
this is the bag....the pump is attached to the bag

Note: this is not pump in style breast pump advance

Included with the breast pump...a lot of bottles and extra breast shields

More pics of the breast shield

also included the adapter, battery pack(so you can pump anywhere), and car adapter (so you can pump in the car)

Reason for selling: hubby bought me a new pump =)

Price: SOLD (thanks to Daeng Erni)
thank you...price is negotiable

My new wallet from toteboutique

I needed a new I opt for a handmade wallet this looks nice and are some pics

Nice can order it from here

Thursday, March 3, 2011

fea, bread n shak?

"Fea, nk roti tak?"

so, I gave her a chocolate bun. She said "no" and pointed at the loaf of bread instead

As I gave her a slice of white bread, she said "shak,shak.." and said some other random sounds

I stared long and hard trying to comprehend what she's saying...muka dah berkerut2 ni...whilst she was explaining what she wants pon muka dia berkerut2 juga...

so I just stared at her silently until she pulled my hand and directed me to the kitchen...pointed at the i opened the fridge door and let her get whatever she wants inside

she took out a bottle of strawberry shak means strawberry? what do you think? =)

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Birthday Gift from my beloved hubby ~

I won't say much...just enjoy the pics... =)

Wah, besarnye kotak...apa di dalam

Tadaa~ benda ni la...tak padan dgn kotak besar...mahal byr pos jer..heh

Thanks back to you~

ehehe...sgt teruja...tapi tak boleh guna lagi...tunggu bb kuar dulu eh...
Dengan gadjet baru ni mudah2han boleh susukan adik fea sampai 2 yrs or maybe more...Ammmeeeeennnn...then simpan utk adik yg ketiga pula...hehe

So happy =)

Note: wait for the nest post ya...saya nk jual pump in style (PIS) bukan advance ye..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 26th birthday

Hubby took us out for dinner at delicious, One Utama

Really loved the food

Sofeah was on her best behaviour

Even though it was my birthday but no pictures of me...hee

so enjoy the pics of food, fea n hubby.... =)

Love them both very much

I had beef lasagna hubby ate a sandwich i think...lupa suda~
Hmm sedapnye fea mkn...sepah dah

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Year 2011~

It's barely a week in the new year but I'm already feeling the pressure because:-
  • Just started my M.A class, yesterday was only the second class and I'm already down in tears(will explain later).
  • Also taught Korean students, a bit challenging but managed to do it. Thank god it's only for 1 month
  • need to go to work and then head for M.A class in the evening
  • I really can't seem to manage my time yet. Trying to be a teacher, a student, a wife and a mother, I'm telling you it ain't easy(well that's why I cried last night)
  • Feels like I have no time for my family but in fact they should be my priority
I really need to get life sorted out. I need to know when to spend time with sofeah, when to do the house chores, when to..well people say "menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai isteri", when to study and do my assignments and also class prep...pheww...owh yeah I need to cook for them as well and a baby is on his way~

I can't quit (my M.A that is, not my whole life). No way for me to quit. I just need to take it in slowly and do whatever I can. I mean, other mothers have done it before so why can't I. Just need to think positive and I know there is always a way for me to cope with all of this.

Alhamdulillah, I have a loving and understanding husband who I know will always be there when I need him. I am grateful as well that for the past month 1 did not work as I can spend the whole day with Sofeah, how I miss those days soo badly. I really hope sofeah understands that it's just going to be for a while (which I doubt she understands at all).

I need to sacrifice some things now for the future.

I've decided not to pursue my doctorate degree after my M.A because I know I can't have it all. What's important to me is my family. I want to be there all the time for my children in the future. Yeah I'm not that ambitious but at least I want my children to know I'm always there for them.

It really is difficult for me now and I pray everyday so that the next day will be easier. I'll cope somehow... Insya'Allah