Monday, March 21, 2011

My Hospital checklist

The distance from our house to kjmc is just 5-10 minutes away but still I needed to pack a bag for the big day... The arrival of our prince(insya'allah)

So this is the list (for my reference and also my friends out there)

For me

1) Clothes , kain batik, tudung, socks and selipar

2) Dispo undies, maternity pad and nursing bra

3) Toiletries

4) Harmony breast pump and accessories

5) Breast shells

For Hubby

1) Kain pelekat, t-shirt n seluar pjg

2) Kamera

3) A book (whilst waiting in the labour room with me )

For Baby

1) 2 pasang baju, booties n mittens, a hat

2) Newborn diapers

3) Barut, bedung and selimut

4) Minyak telon (dah order 2 botol(Amway punye) dari kak hazu – sgt best…yang lain dah test, I dun like..hehe)

For Fea?

Maybe just a spare baju, diaper and milk but i don't think she'll be sleeping at the hospital with us. She'll sleep at the house with her aunty Jan.. one night saja bolehkan sayang....kesian pula anak ummi ni nanti...

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