Friday, February 13, 2009

It's an obsession

I think I'm obsses with shopping baby stuff. owh let me rephrase that. I am just obsses without 'think'..haha. The thing is I just can't leave it alone. There's always something to buy for Sofeah or for someone else's baby. I just can't stop. Hubby always makes fun of me. He'll ask the same question "ha, ade lagi nk beli barang baby? nak masuk dalam budjet ni, asyik membeli jer awk ni". Fair enough, he always puts aside some sum for me to spend on baby's stuff.

I just love to go into baby's shops wherever I come across one. Every time we pass the stores hubby will always ask whether I want to go in or not. I know secretly he himself loves to look at baby's stuff too.

Now, that we have internet access wherever we are, everything is just a click away. This makes it more easier for me to buy stuff for Sofeah. I always have the need to shop for my baby and not so much for me. It's been ages since I bought myself a handbag even though I terribly need one now and shoes. The extra money that we have now is focus on buying Sofeah's stuff. It's endless.

So tell me am I addicted to buying baby's stuff or it's a necessities.

Right now I'm looking for :
We need to buy this bumbo seat as soon as possible as Sofeah wants some one to pick her up all the time. Also she can play and watch telly while sitting in this seat.
We buy CDs from time to time. Still scouting for them. We want to save the environment as well as bringing up a healthy baby.Maxi Cosi Priori or tobi. Need to buy this when Sofeah turns 1, she can't fit in her cabriofix anymore at this age.
Maybe we''ll buy this phil n teds stroller when Sofeah has younger siblings. So cute aren't they.
Or maybe I'll buy this maclaren techno XLR for our second child. We'll see..heheI'll buy this medela freestyle when I've become a zillionaire. I donate some to other mommies as well..hehe

I think that is all for now. Believe me when I wake up tommorrow morning I'll have something else for me to buy and I'll start searching for those on the net.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's not easy

Not easy being a wife, a mother and a working mother all together.

Sure one can cope but I'm just saying it's not easy.

You have to be patient most of the time.

You don't know the meaning of tired anymore.

All you do is keep going and do the same routine everyday.

Sure sometimes your tired, sleepy, hungry but you put everything aside trying not to be selfish to attend to your husband and child mainly because you love them soo much.

Everyday waking up at 3.30am to feed your child then wake up again to pump out the milk for your child. Sometime in between 6 - 7am change your child's diaper, get ready for work, make breakfast and feed your child again then of to work. During lunch time is another pump session. At home by 6pm and feed the child again until the child. by 8pm need to get dinner ready and at ten sterile the bottles for the next day. You'll be in bed by 10.30pm because of the exhaustion.

Even said so, all the things that you've done people still say that you're selfish, self centered, boring, lembab, selalu meminta tak pernah cukup(always asking), countless of times being shouted at and even say some stuffs that just meant to hurt you but they did not intend to do it in the first place.

All you can do now is just be patient, keep quite and don't argue because at the end of the day you'll get hurt even more. Sometimes it's better to keep them all to yourself.

The only thing that keeps you going is your husband and your child.

Lucky you to have the person you love with you everyday.

I solute to mothers out there who is a wife, a mother, a working mother and a student.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


We celebrated my friend's birthday by a picnic at the park (SS7, Kelana Jaya) near our home. It's a walking distance since we don't have a car so it's ideal to do it there. We had fun.The weather was also fine. We were at the park until 12 p.m. Even though it seems late but because there were so many trees we did not feel the heat at all. Here are the pictures, Sofeah seems to enjoy herself as well.

Smile Alwayz~

Friday, February 6, 2009

The hard times

Once they cried in each others arms as they did not know what the future hold.

Their savings running low day by day.

Only one of them had a job at the time but still struggling with the job because the real world shocked her.

The other half still searching for a job. He did not care what it is. What's for certain he needs a job desperately as a new baby will be arriving soon.

One time he walked all over to find a job until his legs shook as it is a sign for him to stop but he did not give up.

And now, thinking back the hard times they went through they are now grateful how they end up the way they are living life. They can now smile and leave it all behind behind.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tagged by Diane~


5 Characteristics of your dream guy/girl
1. Caring +
2. Loving +
3. neat and tidy +
4. Cool +
5. Funny +

= my hubby la

5 Characteristics that you have never like in a guy/girl
1. smoker!(agree with diane)
2. cheapskate (same as above)
3. arrogant (good2 Diane for the answers)
4. Emotional (xcool la dude)
5. annoying / likes to ask stupid questions (ahaha..betul ni..same lagi dgn Diane can't stand annoying people)

5 feelings that you have when you're out with the one you admire
1. Blessed
2. Overjoyed
3. Giddy (mcm budak skolah dpt kaler pensel kotak besar yg baru)
4. Peaceful
5. want to be with them foreva
(sume sama cam Diane coz malas..haha)

5 places that you want to travel with your loved one
1. Makkah
2. Paris
3. England
4. New Zealand
5. America (just felt writing it specific reason)

5 special things that you would give to your loved one
1. My heart and soul
2. The love through cooking and baking
3. Give them extra attention
4. All that I have?..hehe
5. A DSLR camera?..haha..can?

5 songs that you will sing to your partner
*sorry, skipping this part* --- yup skipping as well..dun know that many songs

5 friends that you want to tag
1. krsty
2. maha
3. diana
4. anis
5. Shasha