Friday, February 13, 2009

It's an obsession

I think I'm obsses with shopping baby stuff. owh let me rephrase that. I am just obsses without 'think'..haha. The thing is I just can't leave it alone. There's always something to buy for Sofeah or for someone else's baby. I just can't stop. Hubby always makes fun of me. He'll ask the same question "ha, ade lagi nk beli barang baby? nak masuk dalam budjet ni, asyik membeli jer awk ni". Fair enough, he always puts aside some sum for me to spend on baby's stuff.

I just love to go into baby's shops wherever I come across one. Every time we pass the stores hubby will always ask whether I want to go in or not. I know secretly he himself loves to look at baby's stuff too.

Now, that we have internet access wherever we are, everything is just a click away. This makes it more easier for me to buy stuff for Sofeah. I always have the need to shop for my baby and not so much for me. It's been ages since I bought myself a handbag even though I terribly need one now and shoes. The extra money that we have now is focus on buying Sofeah's stuff. It's endless.

So tell me am I addicted to buying baby's stuff or it's a necessities.

Right now I'm looking for :
We need to buy this bumbo seat as soon as possible as Sofeah wants some one to pick her up all the time. Also she can play and watch telly while sitting in this seat.
We buy CDs from time to time. Still scouting for them. We want to save the environment as well as bringing up a healthy baby.Maxi Cosi Priori or tobi. Need to buy this when Sofeah turns 1, she can't fit in her cabriofix anymore at this age.
Maybe we''ll buy this phil n teds stroller when Sofeah has younger siblings. So cute aren't they.
Or maybe I'll buy this maclaren techno XLR for our second child. We'll see..heheI'll buy this medela freestyle when I've become a zillionaire. I donate some to other mommies as well..hehe

I think that is all for now. Believe me when I wake up tommorrow morning I'll have something else for me to buy and I'll start searching for those on the net.


wun said...

ok budgeted amount.....

more than we can afford..hahahaha.

Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

Such cool stuff. :D

Cloth diapers I ada jumpa yang cotton (coated with waterproof layer to prevent leakage) at Little Haven @ The Curve. Slightly pricey but cantik and lembut. Doesn't need an insert. Washer/dryer friendly.

AND IT'S SO COLOURFUL. Menggila tengok kat kedai tu.

Anonymous said...

kite pn menggila pasal CD ni..
tp tah eks,mampukah mmakaikn babyku dgn CD nt?
we'll see bout it..

Sofeah~ said...

Wun: ape yang more thn we can afford?

Anis: yup klo yang lawa2 tue mmg la rase nk beli sume tp duitnya yang the way how much huh are they selling those CDs? bese i tgk online je org jual..xpnah plk nmpk kat shops.

those adalah jenis AIO (All in one)aku naik pening dah dgn jenis2 CD ni..macam2

krsty: mampu jer..jgn la beli all in one bulk..kumpul sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit..hehe..kite pon campur2 pakai DD and CD

wun said...

campur2 semua la...especially yg tu haa yg last skali tu haa...lawanya la kan..bila guna pun lawa jer rupanya all dangling and stuff..

Liz said...

sis, taknak pegi mini gath anjuran susuibu dan lunatots ke? ada pengenalan ttg cloth diaper.

kalau free, boleh la dtg. check the details at my blog.

Sierrauniform said...

nice blog u have..:)


Sofeah~ said...

Liz: segan la nk pi..hehe

Sierra: Thank you