Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2nd trip to KJMC

We were late for the appointment last night so we ended up to be the last. So we had to wait roughly1 hour before we could go in to see the doctor which is not bad as we had to wait 3-4 hours before. so it's ok

so when it was our turn to go in sofeah was so excited. She darted straight to the ultra sound machine. "baby, baby" she said as she pointed at the machine. Owh my gosh, my daughter can't wait to see the baby. she wants to be a big sister so bad I think. I don't even think she understands the situation anyway.

Before the doctor scanned we chatted a bit about my progress and the usual stuff. morning sickness and all.Then she asked about my skin, it's so dry(i don't know why, I've been putting a lot of moisturiser lately but it still remains the same...a bit ugly looking) . she asked whether it happened the last time i pregnant and i said, no. Then she said maybe the baby's sex is different this time and smiled...jeng2

Whilst the doctor was scanning my tummy, she took the usual measurement of the baby's head, femur and check whether the baby is rowing alright. then suddenly she spotted something and she showed me. "try and guess what that is" she asked. I was a bit blur so I asked her back "what is it?" she said "it the sex of the baby", me "it is?" so you all want to see it? look at the picture and try to guess what's the sex of our baby this time...hehe

Then I suddenly shouted out "eh bird!" hehe... my husband got a shock and looked closely at the screen. Fea got excited as well as she climbed on the bed and touched my belly. At that time i think she knows what is going on

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunday, baking day.~ carrot walnut cheese cake

So last Sunday hubby was out for his part-time job. Whilst hubby was out for the day, me and Sofeah decided to bake. So these are the pics~ni anak ummi yang rajin menolong...kene grate the carrots. but we don't have one of those so kene chop sendiri la...huhue...penat juagak bab ni...6 batang carrot tau

Dah bosan menolong main dah togel selepas habis tepung dia tumpahkan atas baju dan lantai.
Angkut pulak periuk dari dapur bawa ke depan..adoiyai

ni kek dah siap cume nk kene tak cheese creame on top...xde spatula, gune knife ikea pon ok la..hehe

tadaa~ tau tak cantik tapi sedap...hehe

celebration birthday sofeah di taska~

Celebration birthday sofeah kami tak buat besar-besaran. Cukup la hanya celebrate kat taska dan di rumah bersama keluarga terdekat. Insya'Allah tahun depan birthday sofeah kami akan jemput rakan2 yang sudah ada anak pula since ramai dah kawen.

So anyway, nak bercerita pasal birthday sofeah yang kami celebrate kat taska. Seperti biasa ada party packs and party hats. No games, nyanyi and kasi budak2 makan brownies(kurang manis dah pesan siap2) je. Then budak2 main la ape. Tak lama pon dok kat nursery tu, then balik. Owh we did snap pictures, will upload it soon.

Nak cerita pasal incident di taska. Ada budak perempuan dalam umur 3 - 4 thn kot, suka ikut hubby lepas tu peluk2 hubby. I biarkan je la. Bese la tu budak nak manja2. I pula layan baby2 yang ade kat situ plus layan fea. Tapi fea tau buat hal sendiri dan main2 dengan budak yang lain. Time budak perempuan tu hug hubby, fea pon ternampak then terus dia pon pegi hug ayah dia.

Suddenly the girl said, "haha, dia peluk. Dia ingt tu papa die kot".

hubby pon pelik and replied, "memang papa dia pun"

the girl: "huh? eh awak sapa?"

hubby: "ayah sofeah la"

the girl: "tapi sofeah dah besar"

Kelakarkan cerita ni. Even budak kecik pon see hubby macam muda sgt utk jadi bapak. I personally tak dengar the conversation. Bile hubby cerita balik sangat kelakar la. Maybe budak tu ingat I hire photographer kot...hehe

(pics later ye)