Friday, February 6, 2009

The hard times

Once they cried in each others arms as they did not know what the future hold.

Their savings running low day by day.

Only one of them had a job at the time but still struggling with the job because the real world shocked her.

The other half still searching for a job. He did not care what it is. What's for certain he needs a job desperately as a new baby will be arriving soon.

One time he walked all over to find a job until his legs shook as it is a sign for him to stop but he did not give up.

And now, thinking back the hard times they went through they are now grateful how they end up the way they are living life. They can now smile and leave it all behind behind.



wun said...

apakah itu "cry"? ehem...cerita apa ni? cam tak penah tgk pun...?

Sofeah~ said...

Ahaha..tgk kebendanye..mengalaminye sendiri la..ahaha..xnk mengaku plak..

Anonymous said...

huhu...xpe..ade org x mau ngaku ye..
anyway,thats life..
ade turun naiknye...
bile dh kawin,ada anak,rezeki akan bertambah..
so no worries.. :)
lega dgr u guys pn dh stable..

wun said...

hahaha ape ngaku? ini adalah pelik...ummi adalah pelik!

Sofeah~ said...

tak habis kate i pelik..betul ape.. a fact la

krsty: yup alhamdulillh kami dah stabil dgn kehidupan kami skang. Itu adalah suatu ketika dulu.