Tuesday, March 29, 2011

School baru untuk fea?

My latest concern is about my daughter's education. she is now 2 and a half years old, goes to a day care centre which does not provide much input. So currently, I'm searching for a good kindergarten around Kelana Jaya. I want fea to learn something. I admit I don't have time teach her much but when I have the free time I will try to. I do feel guilty and I tried but i just don't feel it's enough.

Thinking of sending her to tadika Aladdin or tadika Salsabila. Both have agama classes but the difference is the owner of the place and the teachers they hire. One is non-muslim and the other is a muslim kindergarten. I don't want to be racist or anything it's just the concern of the kindergarten environment that's all. Also the akhlaq of the teacher's must be observed since fea will be sepending more than 30hours per week at the school. I don't want her to adapt any bad akhlaq and so on. Another concern is what they are feeding at the nursery. I know the non-muslim school will pay respect to the muslims but nonetheless I'm still "was-was" with the situation.

So anyway. Tomorrow I will go out and search a suitable school for fea. All the best to me~


Rin said...

tumpang tanya.. anak you sekarang sekolah mana? i tengah cari gak pre-school tuk anak i.. area kelana jaya sana...

ziqqis said...

so, u hntr mn ye?i pun problem yg sm..:)