Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Ummi, please...please!'

Last friday,

As usual, I woke up before fea does. She usually wakes up late as she knows I'm not working and I always send her to the nursery around mid day or 4p.m just before I go off to my masters class.

Her daily routine is, she would wake up and ask for milk. Then watches telly until she finishes the milk and after that I would bathe her and then eat breakfast.

Ni fea mamam sarapan (ni gambar ayh amek time tinggal berdua je dgn fea...)

But this time, she woke up with tantrums. At first I attended to her, ask what she wants and etc. Since she did not respond to that. I left her alone for a while. Well I thought it's the usual tantrum you know how malays say "pembawakan" so I let her crying for a while, just to let her release whatever she was unsatisfied with.

so she cried leaning against the wall(macam cruel je ummi ni) but not long after that she suddenly cried "ummi, please please! akit ni...akit" then I turned to her, I felt guilty and asked, "akit mane?where?where?" she showed her back and there were rashes (kulit sgt sensitive...panas sikit je dah naik rash) la...kesian anak ummi ni... I hugged her and I said "mandi first, then ummi letak ubat". Without protest she just followed...dan sepeti biasa ummi akan membebel la.."lain kali cakap fea nk ape, tanak nangis2...fea dah big girl". I think she understands =)

And another story, suddenly last night she asked for "nen" after nearly 6 months weaning her off. I think she misses it and I'm scared nanti dia berebut dgn adik dia pula...huhue..If I have ample of supply, I don't mind but tengok rezeki adik dia macam mane. Hopefully lumayan la..

Since this unborn child is a boy(according to the doc, insya'Allah), I'm afraid it won't be enough as I only bf fea fully for 1yr and 6 months after that she only bf at night and drink fm during the day. I think it was due to the fact that i got lazier and lazier pumping out my bf milk. So hopefully I'm able to bf her brother until he's 2 yrs or more ...wish me luck then =)

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