Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wearing Faheem?

Thinking of buying a ring sling and will buy one soon~

Reasons why I want one is because:

1) Last week went out to giant hypermarket and suddenly Faheem wants to BF luckily I brought baby pouch with me and so i BF him whilst walking around at giant. He loved it.

2) During fea's time, every time she wants to BF I usually have to run and find a baby's room which is difficult to find in most malls in Malaysia. I remember once out of desperation i had to run to the car and Bf her.

3) Current baby pouch is enough you would say but it's not snug enough and the size is not adjustable

There are other reasons but I forgot. So anyway since I have a lot to learn about baby wearing I better read up on it. there are a lot of good designs and i'm not sure whether to get silk or linen definitely not cotton. Here are the list of shops that some of you could check out for cool designs ring slings

1.peek-a-pouch by peekaroobaby (pouch, wrap, ring sling-coming soon?Huh?)

2.mummyhugs(ring and pouch sling) :

3.mylovelycloset (pouch sling) :

4. thebabyloft (pouch and ring sling) :

5. mamaparadise (carry mummyhugs,momsinmind and littlepods) :

6.momsinmind (based in singapore):

7. babysashanmom (pouch sling):

8. babyznmom (ring sling):

9. Apootaern

10. kasihkusayangku (ringsling)

11. JumpsacBaby

12. Snuggbaby

13. Miabambina

14. Thelilcaliph

15. Tiny Tapir

16. Bigeyesshop

(copy and pasted from ratu hati forum by a member called Rozy)

hope it helps.. will update later which slings I bought...hee

ni tgh berguru dgn Anis lisa tentang ring sling..hope she can some over and give me a demonstration...hehe

pictures? nanti la..too lazy to upload

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