Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A review of my Medela pumps

The purpose of this entry is to share with those who are interested with this topic..heee

So anyway, the greedy me have four medela pumps all together, wait a minute 3 left coz I sold one to the lovely Daeng Erni. Thanks hon~

I will review these pumps one by one from my expe
rience and point of view. It might help future mums to decide which pump is suitable for them. The pumps that I have in my collection or that I have used are;

Medela Mini-E

(Pic taken from Mr Google)

This is my first breast pump given to me as a present by my darling friend Khadijah Husin. Thank you so much dear. I used it for quite some time. The advantage of this pump is, it is easy to carry around as it is small, it is electric so my hands are not tired during the pumping session, if there aren't any power supply I could easily use 2 double A battery instead and it is easy to assemble. However the downside is that it does not have the letdown function like other Medela pumps, even though I can use the battery the suction are not as strong as when I'm using electric and thus less milk collected and the last disadvantage of this pump is, it makes a really loud noise. If I pump at the office everyone could hear the pump buzzing. Overall, it's a good pump and serves well if you don't have a big budget to spend on buying breast pump, you don't mind the noise and also it is better when you have a source of electricity at the place you are pumping. Also, it's just a single pump.

Medela Harmony

(Pic taken from Mr Google)

This is the second pump that I own. My sweet sister bought it for me in the UK. It is available here of course but over there it's cheaper. This is the only manual pump that I have. I love this pump to bits even though my hands are tired after each session but still I managed to collect a lot in a short session compared to mini-E. The parts are easy to assemble and wash too, this is important for busy mums out there. Of course this pump does not make as much noise as the Mini-E. think it's the only manual pump that has the let down function (I like)

Medela Pump in style

(pic taken from my canon powershot camera..hehe)

The next pump I bought on e-bay. This one I bought on my's a double pump. The noise I can say is the same level as the mini-E. it also does not have the let down function. Usually this pump I use it at home only as it is a bit heavy and bulky. Even so this pump has a travel adopter so I can always pump in the car whilst driving and it also has a battery pack in case there aren't any electricity outlet. I like this pump because it saves time as I can pump both breast at the same time.

Medela Freestyle
(pic taken from my canon powershot camera..hehe)

This pump was given as a gift from my beloved husband. It's a great pump as it does not make so much noise. I can move about with this pump and also it's hands free(but have not tried it yet). The pump has a rechargeable battery and I don't have to sit at the power point until the session ends. The downside of this pump is that it's a hassle to wash and also assemble compared to other pumps. there so many parts that needed to be washed and dried before and after each session. Usually I would have lost around an ounce of milk dripping before I could start leceh as the Malays' would say it...hehe

So that's all folks...I hope it helps a bit in choosing your ideal pump, After all you'll be using it for a long time(around 2 yrs) so you really need to find a pump that is comfortable and convenient to you. Like me, I like to test out that's why I have 4 of them. Maybe in the future I might try other brands as well. we'll see how it goes..hehe =). If have any questions feel free to ask ya~

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