Monday, September 29, 2008

~SeLaMaT HaRi Raya to ALL!!~

This year's Hari Raya celebration is different from the other Hari Raya celebrations before this because I'll be celebrating the morning of the first day of Hari Raya with my husband at our home in Kelana Jaya...just the two of us..but after 'Eid prayer we'll go and visit his side of the family as my family are all in Pahang and I could not travel that far for fear that I might deliver my child on the as precaution we decided to stay here in Selangor.

Although I might feel sad the first day of Hari Raya I wouldn't be able to raya with my family as usual but at the same time I'm happy as well as I'm celebrating the very first raya with my new family and I'm certain next year will be the best Hari Raya ever as my baby is there with us and we will be sure going back to kampung..insya'allah...jumpe tokbah, maktok, tokki and moyang(kat Rompin tu)

This Hari Raya I might..u see MIGHT not in the Hari mood yet because I'll only take one day leave that is on Friday(3/10/2008) and I have to work on the Saturday plus I won't be seeing my parents until next week, deep inside I feel sad but I'll try not to show it and plus I'm also happy at the same time..u see it's all confusing..yeah I know but that's how I feel right now..the thing is you can't have everything you want rite..You just have to be positive and be thankful with what you have right now..One thing for a fact is that I'm better off than others because i have my loving husband and my family in laws celebrating this Raya..I am grateful at that..there are other people out there who celebrate Hari Raya without having their family members to share the moment at all..I'm still lucky that I have a family.

Although i am confused with how i feel about this hari raya and i know as well that deep inside i'm happy, i'm still looking forward to this raya with my new family...can't wait for it..meeting hubby's family members which I never met before..this should be interesting...hehe.. I also can't wait to eat kuih raya..especiallt tart favourite kuih of all..

So a note to self..'Bersyukur lah dengan ape yang ada, jangan byk mengeluh..ade org yang lebih susah dari kite..jangan sesekali sedih dengan ape yang kita ada sesungguhnya keadaan itu boleh menjadi lagi buruk dari sedia kala..and again bersyukur lah ye...'

To All my family members and friends out there, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin from me n hubby..sesiape yang blk kampung tue drive leklok ye termasuk lah my parents and siblings yang blk ke kampung today, Sorry xdapat nk join balik kampung this year ye together with our new baby..Insya'allah..

Owh another thing.. today, I received 'duit raya' from the company i'm working for, maybe because from ground flour to the fifth floor of this office i'm the only malay and the rest are chinese..thanks a lot to them..really appreciate it..hehe..alhamdullillah..ingat dah besor n bakal jadi mak org xdapt dah duit raya..rupenye dapat lagi..hikhik.. saje nak cakap buat kawan2 kat luar sane jelez...hee..jangan marah..mintak ampun banyak2 ye!

Smile Alwayz =)


Mary said...

omg ur tat nenas LOOKS SOOO GOOODDDD! *slurp* dah lah tak buat kuih tahun ni ...
bleh tak airmail sket ke singapore. hehe...semata2 nak merasa

diana ghazali said...

Insyaallah kami sekeluarga akan pulang ke maran ptg sok. Sehari sebelum raya wajib balik bukak pose kat maran. umah uwan. pastu malam tu, gegarkan maran ngn mercun. hehehe..

awak tak balik ye. takpe. tahun depan balik bawak baby pulak. hehe..

yee.. betul, pas reflect smula tahun ni, rasa mcm hepi je :)