Saturday, September 6, 2008

My pregnancy..

As you all know that I’m now 6 months pregnant. Being pregnant is not easy but at the end of the day we all know that we can cope with it and also we will get a reward which is giving birth to another human being. I’m writing today just to share my experience as a first time pregnant woman. How it feels like to be pregnant, the excitement, the pain and all those other things people experience when they are pregnant. Sure different people experience different things but this is my story that I would like to share with all my beloved friends.

First stage, finding out I’m pregnant. This part I was quite surprised when I first found out. Me n my brothers, yes I dragged my brothers along with me to the pharmacy to buy that pregnancy test kit. I felt a little bit embarrassed at that time but I needed to know my state as I was applying for a job. Anyway, skip to the time when I found out about my pregnancy. The first person I told was obviously my husband then I told my family (as I was living with them at that time). The time when I told my husband, he was not at home, he was in UIA but I know the second I told him the news he was really happy and knowing that he would soon be a daddy made him happier because he totally love children (I can see this from the way he treats his nephews).

Early stage of pregnancy is very crucial as the old people would say it. I have to be careful and I can’t carry heavy stuff as the seed planted in me is not yet secure (referring to what the old people use to say again). To me everything done has to be in slow motion, u can’t do this n u know how it feels? Everything u do and say is being controlled. Owh, I’m totally exaggerating. It’s really not that bad. The more you go into this stage of your life the more u learn and understand why people do this and this when they are pregnant.

First three months not much change. My body still looks the same well everything’s just the same really. I only vomited like 3 times during these first three months. Not that bad huh considering many people vomit throughout their pregnancy. Actually, I don’t know how to vomit by my self. I need my husband’s help by messaging my back and my neck area so that it would be easier for me to vomit it all out. Thank God he was always there with me when I needed him. Without his help I can’t do anything, I would just lie down and hope for that feeling to go away. Sometimes I even cry because it hurts soo bad that I can’t do anything about it but just be patient. The first visit to the doctor was the best moment during these first three months. We went to Az-zahrah clinic in Bangi, the doctor scanned my belly and we saw this little cute fetus. I was soo overjoyed and I had tears in my eyes as I never thought that I would be carrying this tiny living thing inside me that soon. I can see my husband’s big smile as he too was really happy.

The fourth month, the bump is a little bit visible but people still wouldn’t know that I’m pregnant if they saw you all know I have a small figure and my weight only went up by one or two kg at that time my weight was 38kg. Still ok huh. Emotionally I would say I’m unstable as I would cry for no reason at all and also I would be so sensitive that anything people say would hurt me..oh my god the crying part was the most horrible experience ever..I just could not stop until I’m tired and I would just go to sleep in tears. During this time I felt sorry for my husband having to face all of this. He is really a great husband I would say as he did a lot of things for me and he had tolerated a lot with me. We also talked to the baby whenever we have the chance to. So that the baby would be familiar with our voices. I love seeing my hubby rubbing my belly while talking to the baby. The feeling I can not describe..a mixture really. I feel happy, ‘terharu’ is what the Malays would say. Because the way he speaks with soo much passion and love, I can feel it everytime.

The fifth month, emotionally I’m better than the month before. I dun cry anymore it’s only my body is starting to feel the pain now. My back aches if I stand or sit for a long time, I can no longer stand for a long time either as my legs will start to feel the pain because of my weight and also at nights before going to sleep I will have that feeling of having difficulties in breathing this makes it more difficult for me to go to bed. Everyday I have to eat something that I don’t like which is kerang, hati ayam, paru and all the other food that is suppose to increase my blood count. Before going to sleep I have to take those supplement pills, you know the ones that pregnant woman take for the baby. I hated taking pills but I have to because you know why, everything I sacrificed now will be for the future baby. At this stage also I can feel my baby kick or move.

Now I’m in the sixth month of pregnancy. I’m still having difficulties in breathing at night that is why now I have to see a physician and I also have to use the inhaler to help me breathe. The physician said the cause of it was that I’m not pumping in a lot of oxygen as I’m suppose to for the growth of the baby, and this part scares me. I don’t want my baby not growing healthily inside me. But now slowly this difficulties in breathing is fading away I don’t feel as bad as the past months. The medication that the doctor gave me really helped. I have to take extra calcium as I always get leg cramps. Every night I would have bad dreams and when the morning comes my body feels really exhausted from not having enough rest and then I have to get ready for work and back at home around 6p.m everyday. It is really tiring but I have to cope with it and be strong that’s what my husband always says.

Owh and if you see me now don’t be surprised to see that huge bump on my belly. It’s getting bigger and heavier. Whatever I wear I tummy will still be visible and also my baby is getting more stronger by the day, he or she likes to move a lot..sometimes it’s non stop..i always wondered what the baby is doing. At times I can feel the baby’s heart beat usually when the baby moves a lot and then the heart wants to pump in more oxygen for the is because the baby move too much that sometimes I feel tired as if I had done a marathon, my heart also beats faster than normal..

This is my daily routine from Monday until Friday. In the morning I would wake up around 6 o’clock, take a shower and do the usuals that people do while in the toilet, then get dressed after that solat subuh with hubby. After solat I would go down stairs to prepare breakfast. The usual toast bread with butter and jam. Eat breakfast with hubby, mak(mother in law) and biena(our nephew) and around 6.50 am of to work. First my husband will drive to his workplace which is in mont kiara, we usually arrive there at 7.30a.m then from there I drive myself to work at Bandar Tasik Selatan and I usually arrive by 7.50a.m. I usually have to wait in the car for a while as my office hours starts at 8.30a.m but still I have to arrive early because of the parking. If I’m late I will not get the free parking and instead pay RM4 for the parking which is really costly. We can’t afford to waste money like that. My office hour ends at 4.30pm. around that time I’ll be off to Mont Kiara and pick my hubby. But every time I arrive At SC (securities commission – my hubby’s workplace) I will do the asar prayer first then go home because his office hour does not end until 5.15pm. I have to wait for him at times which is tiring, the waiting part is tiring because of my condition but when I see his smiling face coming out from the office my heart melts and I don’t feel that tired anymore.heh..anyway, I would reach home between 6pm and 6.30pm depending on the traffic rest for a while then take a bathe, do the maghrib prayer go downstairs for dinner and watch tv, do isya’ prayer and go to bed at see this is my daily routine..evryday it’s the same thing..boring and kinda on Sundays I have to go to work but only half day but still it is soo tiring plus i always have to carry this extra weight and my baby is getting heavier by the day..huu..all in all I’m grateful that my life is blessed with people that care about me and take care of me all the time..if I need anything I just need to ask for it..thanks to my loving, caring and adorable husband.

Everyday I would pray to Allah for my baby’s health and my family. For all my friends out there please pray for me and the baby. My only pray is that there will be no complications during delivery as the past few nights I had nightmares of my delivery..huu..this is normal from one of the books that I read. I guess dats all for now..thank you for reading and remember Smile Alwayz!

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