Monday, January 21, 2008 update on my life huh..I'm happily married with Mohd.Syazwan Rahimy Bin Mohd.Mokhtar, no children yet but not far off heving one..heh..I love my husband soo much..we got married last month of last year which is in through da year i've been through a lot ups n downs in life, well u could say that..ah well, all's well end's well that's wht my husband always say..not so much of hate in life anymore or life is filled with happiness..i'm glad dat I pulled through from da depression of life..I know from now on I nead to appreciate life more n looking forward to a new life with my matter how hard lufe can be sometimes but I have to be strong n know there is always the better side in life..for the people out there if you feel like u have a difficult life rite now u need to feel grateful as there are many other people around the globe suffers more than u do..ur worst could be da smallest problem to others..just go with the flow and you shall see what beautiful things can life bring to'll end up having a better life ever than u can imagine..pray to God as He always have the answer and will guide you along da way...

Sometimes when we're really down n we feel like there is nothing that can fix it we turn to God, you know why?..because God is always there for u and always know what's better for u..what happens always have it might change after it and be a better person..only then you'll see that u can start fresh n be given a second chance..when that second chance comes don't take it for granted..make the fullest out of it..

u see, no life is difficult to live..just follow nature's law and you'll be fine..

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