Friday, May 22, 2009

What have I been upto~

Alright. Here's the highlight of what's going on with my life up to date.

I've been very busy because I've just started teaching. The first day I came in, straight away they assigned me to a class to teach. I was at the state of shock. I have not taught a class ever and I was expecting for them to at least give me some training or an introduction before handing me the task to teach. Anyway, I had only 2 students and they're both good students. The class was ok. They also have their own textbook and workbook. So all I have to do is follow the book and play the tape. It's easy right. Yeah I know. Everyday I only have one class for 2 hours. It's alright isn't it. The times that I'm not teaching I'll just sit in the teacher's room and do some paper work and at times prepare for the next class.

Because I don't have any experience in teaching I have to go for a teaching course which runs for 4 Saturdays from 9am until 6pm in the evening. Yeah, it's tiring but it's ok I guess. On the bright side after I've completed this course I'll have a certificate in teaching and I can include this in the resume as well. Great huh. I just have to bare with it for only 1 month.

I'm now in the third week at my new job as a lecturer. My night classes has started. I need to teach from 6.30pm until 8.30pm every Wednesday and the next day I'll get a half day off. Yippy. I can spend some time with my daughter at home. The time I'll be looking forward to every week. Now we're coming close to mid-semester. Guess what I'm busy with? Yeah that's right. I have to make questions for their mid-semester exams. huu~

It's been a pleasure working at the new place as my colleagues are great. All very supportive and we act as a big family here. It's very different from the place I worked before where everybody talks in Mandarin except me and every meeting they have they'll exclude me because it's easier to conduct the meeting in mandarin compared to conducting it in English. Here I feel like I have contributed something everyday rather than sitting at the office and stare at the computer until office hour ends. yeah , that's what I've been doing for the whole year last year.

As for now, I just go into the class and teach for 2 hours, then once a month we have to go on a field trip, there are also classes in the multimedia lab where I just assign them their assignment in the course ware whilst I browse the Internet for the 2 hours and every Friday we have a practical class where we play games and watch the movies. You might think it's easy (not that it's not) it's just the paper work I have to do at the office is quite taxing. Hate it. Once in a while my colleague will complain about the amount of paper work we have to do. He always says that this college likes to butcher trees because we're wasting a lot of paper doing these stuff. Why can't we just key in the computer. Saves time and space at the same time but nooo,they still want paper.

Here is the picture of me at the CITC (Certificate In Teaching Course) class.

Smile Always~ =)


wun said...

waaaaahh!! nak gak...bosan betul laa..

wun said...
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Anonymous said...

hoho..siap ade gi kursus teaching lg..

shasha said...

ley ajar sha bahasa english..ha ah ah aha...siap g khusus ag..:D

Sofeah~ said...

ahaha...baru tau kursus ni wajib for every staff loer..klo x, xleh renew contract..huhue..shasha nk belajar english boleh..meh lah daftar..hehe

Sofeah~ said...

ahaha...baru tau kursus ni wajib for every staff loer..klo x, xleh renew contract..huhue..shasha nk belajar english boleh..meh lah daftar..hehe

shazmida said...

ade buka daftar2 ek..:P
english je lorh..sbb nk lebih teror dri wun...haha..sbb min slalu puji kwn dy teror english..x aci x aci..