Monday, December 29, 2008

Me n cooking?

Yeah, I admit I'm one of those people who cannot cook. When I told my father I wanted to get married the first time his reaction was "nak kawen?masak pon tak pandai lagi. Belajar masak dulu" (u want to get married? you can't even cook. Learn to cook first - direct translation..hehe). From then on I tried to learn but still lazy to observe my mum when she's in the kitchen. Everytime she cooks I'll only take note the basic things in cooking such as put cooking oil in the hot pan first then some onions and maybe chillies, well something like that. And what comes after I couldn't careless.

Now that I'm married cooking is obligatory. Eating outside is soo much expensive nowadays eventhough the petrol is cheaper then before. When we go for grocery shopping I'm in charge because I'm the one who will do the cooking. Hubby just follow and sometimes if he feels like cooking something he'll put his ingredients in the trolly.

Everytime I have to cook I'll think hard on what to cook for the night. Asking hubby is no use because he'll answer back the same thing everytime "masak pape jer. I makan jer sume" (just cook anything. I eat anything). You see hubby is the easiest man ever when it comes to food. He'll just eat anything no matter what I cook even though it does not taste that good most of the time it would be my cooking.

I don't have any specific recipe everytime I cook it is because we don't have that many ingredients stocked up in the kitchen. Everything is limited. You see I'm still in the proces of learning after one year of marriage. So when I need to cook I'll just keep on adding stuff which I think will add something to the taste. It would always take me an hour to finish up cooking because of this. Cooking while figuring out what to put in next not to mention me tasting it everytime.

The point is, no one really needs to learn how to cook. when the time comes that you need to do it you'll know what and how to do it. Cook books just make everything complicated with the measurements an all. Just be creative in the kitchen. Let your taste buds run wild and you'll be suprise with the outcome. That's what I've learnt.


Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

To me, cooking is instinct. Recipes restrict creativity. I love to cook.
:D Nanti nak rasa one of your dishes ya?!

diana ghazali said...

alamak. ayat ayah awak sama mcm ayah saya la. kuikuikui

wun said...

hihi...masakan kreatif dia laa yang paling lazat...ikutkan sume lazat.

perlu tambah garam sikit jer..haha.

Anonymous said...

rajinnye Mrs. Wun ni masak ye..
kite kalo dh balik kije,tired x agak2 dh..
pehtu xde masa nk godek2 ape kt dapur melainkan masa hujung minggu..
itupun sometimes hubby suh beli jek kt lua sbb dia kata kesian me dh handle seme kije umah..

anyway, a gud wife i can say:)

Liz said...

lama-lama nnt pandai la. masak tu tak susah.

Anonymous said...

u've been tagged..

Sofeah~ said...

Anis-hehe..malu la nk msk utk you..stakat nk xde confident lagi nk masak utk org lain..nanti xsedap buat malu saja

Diana-ckp kat ayah ala dah kawen nanti automatically pandai masak tau..hehe

wun-tak elok mkn garam byk2..nanti dapat byk penyakit..hehe

krsty-klo nk ikutkan bdn mmg la tired sokmo tp kene gak msk..hubby n saye ni lapo sokmo..xpenahnye kenyang..blk je keje nenenkan sofeah sampai kenyang then tukar baju n solat maghrib n terus ke dapur..mmg penat woo..lagi2 dah ade bb ni

liz-thanks for the support..yup tk susah hati tu mls..haha