Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's next!

During those times when hubby and me were still courting I did not have any interest. Like hubby, his interests are in music, football and photography but me? nothing.
Medela Harmony - Waiting for Jannah to send this pump~ can't wait

When we got married and I was pregnant with our daughter I started to develop interest in baby stuffs like strollers, car seats, bottles, beddings, toys, cloth diapers and breast pumps(it counts because it's a baby related thing) excluding clothes. Up until today I think that I'm still obsess with baby stuffs. I love it when my friends ask about which bottle do I think is good, my opinions on the best pump, or what kind of strollers which is practical for traveling.

Now, I think it is time for me to move on~ I've been thinking lately what do I really want to do next. I mean I can't be stuck with searching for babies stuff until I'm 4o can I.

The first option is to start baking. Since my dream is to open up a bakery one day so to master all the baking skills I better start from now I think. I used to love baking back when I was in the UK where all the ingredients are cheap like whip cream and fine quality flour but over here it's a little bit pricey. And since we live on our own, we don't have an oven and a mixer yet. So need to save up for that first. We did have enough money to buy an oven but i could not find the right one. When I found one, it was no longer in stock so we had to wait another month. By that time we spent the money on other things instead. hehe

The second option is doing felt crafts. It's quite interesting. I was inspired by liyana's blog and her friend's blog. I like it because the things they sew from felt are soo cute. You have to be really creative in this area. I was thinking of stitching flash cards made of felt for my daughter Sofeah. I love doing crafts from time to time but then again I think this interest would die out as I'm not that rajin la~.

So to my friends out there, what do you think I should pursue next?


Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

Baking and felt art sounds like a fun idea. Boleh bukak side business.

Sementara I have time, am doing some cross-stitching. Try la. Fun. The kits tak expensive sangat.


Sofeah~ said...

owh yea..so I've read it from ur blog..aih xde pic ke?..nk jugak tgk..hehe..mane tau boleh minat jugak ke

wun said...

haa baking bagus cos i boleh makan...tapi kalau nak menjahit pun ok gak..cuma takleh makan ar..hmm

Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

:D Belum boleh taruk gambar the thing I cross-stitched sbb it's Baby Ours' name. InsyaAllah in less than 40 days ya. Hehehe.

| Krsty Pinky | said...

i kinda like menjahit daripada memasak..
kalo mmasak ni resultnye akan ilang bile dh telan.. :P
kalo mjahit leh tgk resultnye 14 ribu kali pn..hahaha

Mama-Miya a.k.a "Jedi Hopeful" said...

i think u should do all..as for me, since i'm now a SAHM & masters student, i found lotsa fun stuff to do.

eversince i got here, i've made 3beanbag sofa (all jahit tangan). sofabed for papa, mama & miya. Also since winter is nearing, i mula knit scarf for papa miya & sleeping bag for miya. So bila i', tired of studying, i just do those crafty stuff.

About baking & cooking, its reaaallly good. like a therapy. i find cooking as something relaxing. Birthday miya is next month, planning to make cupcakes!!

so yeah, go & try all, then stick to what u think is best & easy going for u.


Sofeah~ said...

wun: i jahitkan cup cakes made out of felt nk?..hehe..comei saja

anis: well we kust have to wait..hehe

krsty: haha..kan kite boleh tgk hasil berulang..tp klo masak perut happy..hehe..mkn akan terasa nikmatnye

mama miya: wah, you did all that? I'm amazed. well if you have some time maybe later you should post it in your blog. nk jugak tgk. wah kalau saya pandai jahit bean bag utk hubby sure die happy gler..suke benor ngn bean bag..

i need to manage time well in order for me to do all these things. If not forever I'll think that not enough time to do all these things..

shasha said...

menjahit best ble tiap2 ari buat..hehe..sha 1st time menjahit bju kurung..ade cacat tpotong pdek..haha..tp bju kurung still jdi..kalau org x prasan ler..haha..
dlu kecik2 jahit bju anak patung..barbie doll pnya..

kalau rajin tue menjahit la sket2..@ buat anyaman ke..buat bentuk ke..bguna law ctek..pehtu ley jdi selimut ke..ha ha ha..kain lngsir ke..seronok..

Nurul said...

dah send dh..silalah kntct akif..owh lg satu..bru dpt tau..die actually keje kt bndr tasek selatan..but die skrg ade kt terengganu..pndai2 la yeh =)

Anonymous said...

Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second option doesnt surprise me lol. thanks for a great blog!