Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I miss pregnancy~

One night as me and hubby were having dinner, Hubby suddenly asked me "Do u miss being pregnant?" at first I thought, why should I, I have a lovely daughter now. But then when I think back, I do miss it.

After going through nine months of pregnancy how could I not miss it. During those time I had a life in me. The life that is always with me all the time. I talk to it from time to time. When I'm sad, scared or sometimes a little bit emotional when hubby does something and I would always feel better after talking with the baby inside me whilst rubbing my belly. I love it whenever the baby gives a respond like kicking or punching me or whenever she moves her head it tickles me because of her hair. I love the feeling of being pregnant. I really do miss it.

When I read up my friends blog about them still going through pregnancy. It made me somewhat jealous a little bit. I want that feeling back. Sometimes.

Now that the life has come out of me, I feel really happy. Even though I miss those days being pregnant but having Sofeah now is even more joyful. The feeling of being pregnant is very beautiful. I really can not describe how. If you want to know how beautiful it is, try it(secara halal la ye). For men out there, too bad that you can not get pregnant and feel the beauty of it all.hehe

Can't wait for the next pregnancy experience to come. Insya'Allah jika ada rezeki. But I have to wait another 2 years for that, as my body needs to recover fully first.

To Sofeah, Ummi loves you soo much. You're the most beautiful thing that had ever happened to ummi and ayah. I love you from the moment you were in me. Thank you for giving me the chance of growing you inside me and for being there with me for the past nine months~

Smile Always =)

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Mary said...

farid! THIS entry is soooo romantic! and lovely!
makes ME wanna have a babyyyy!!!! hahaha...not by a LOOONNNG shot k. Not in the near future at least!