Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Me being paranoid~

Is it just me or it's a common thing among first time mothers. I think I'm paranoid at least hubby things so. The thing is I worry too much of every little thing that happens to Sofeah. Am I being negative? I don't think so. I think it's just normal for a mother to worry about their child sometimes.

It all started when my daughter was diagnosed with jaundice. From then on I kept on worrying if the fever never did tone down. I could not tell the difference in the tone colour of Sofeah's skin or the colour of her eyeballs. Sometimes I just think that I'm seeing things or rather I think I'm colour blind now. There are times when I see like Sofeah's lips a little bit pale or her skin tone is a little bit dark or sometimes red. It worries me. Maybe there's just something wrong with me eyes that I'm seeing all these colour tones.

I also have this habit whenever Sofeah sleeps I will touch her or rather check on her from time to time to see whether she's breathing or not. Crazy eh~ I think so too. But I just can't help it. Maybe because everything's just new.

Like any other newborns, Sofeah have colic problems from time to time. This worries me a little bit. Sometimes you can see her bloated stomach and know that it hurts because she will cry and when she sleeps she does not sleep well, she'll make sounds and also moves a lot like she's not comfortable. Me and hubby did some research on the net and we might want to test giving gripe water to Sofeah. Since I breastfeed her, I too have to watch out what I'm eating. Otherwise Sofeah will suffer and I do not want that. I would do anything for my beloved daughter.

It's normal right? I mean for a mother to worry about their child. Especially when it's a newborn. But to worry too much is not good I guess.

So, Smile Alwayz and tawakkal saja selepas berusaha.. =)


mEiZ AraNda said...

x der aper yg buat kan a mother x risau kan?u should and u MUST HAVE THAT WORRY feeling everytime n everywhere...;p

Kesiannyer si comel tue kena jaundice ker?make sure she got a bit of cahaya matahari..

means early in da morning...;p
dulu kiter kecik2 baru lahir kan kite di jemur bwh matahari?bcoz of xnak kena jaundice nie laa.;)

pandai kan mama2 kiter dulu2 nak elak jadi benda nie?

take gud care of her...;p

mesti best ader baby umur muda2 nie kan?

wun said...

yer best pun...haha..yg jaundice tu alhamdulillah dah baik..walaupun matahari tu a good advice, but basically just make sure baby tu kena light jer..pastu yg lain kene tawakkal...macam sofeah ni byk gak nk buat untuk baikkan dia..

understandable why Farid paranoid pun..but dun worry too much! kita ada byk kemudahan sekarang disamping ada byk penyakit..heh.