Monday, October 20, 2008

BPA-free bottles for babies..

Just something that i read from yesterdays the star all mother to be please be aware of this..i've bought MAMs bottles..hehe..which is BPA wise when shopping for newborns as they are sensitive to a lot of things especially with today's environment..better be safe than sorry.. =)

Sunday October 19, 2008 MYT 4:58:00 PM
Canada to ban baby bottles with chemical

TORONTO (AP): Canada has declared a chemical widely used in food packaging a toxic substance and will move to ban the sale in Canada of plastic baby bottles containing bisphenol A.

The toxic classification, issued in Saturday's Canada Gazette, makes Canada the first country to classify the chemical commonly used in the lining of food cans, eyeglass lenses and hundreds of household items, as risky.

The federal ministries of Health and the Environment said Saturday that bisphenol A may be entering the environment in a quantity or under conditions that may pose a danger to Canadians.

Health Minister Tony Clement said a report on bisphenol A has found the chemical endangers people, particularly newborns and infants, citing concerns that the chemical in polycarbonate products and epoxy linings can migrate into food and beverages.

Newborns and infants are particularly vulnerable because of their frequent use of baby bottles that often contain the chemical, which is used to harden plastic and make it shatterproof.

The health and environment departments said Saturday that the government plans to restrict the importation, sale and advertising of bottles made with bisphenol A, known as BPA.

"Many Canadians ... have expressed their concern to me about the risks of bisphenol A in baby bottles,'' said Canada's Environment Minister John Baird in a statement. "Today's confirmation of our ban on BPA in baby bottles proves that our government did the right thing in taking action to protect the health and environment for all Canadians.''

The government is also proposing "to allow the lowest amount of BPA as reasonably achievable in infant formula cans'' and all foods in general. Its risk management plan said it would aim for "stringent'' targets for infant formula cans.

The biggest concern with this widely used chemical, traces of which can be found in more than 90 percent of Americans, has been over BPA's possible effects on reproductive development and hormone-related problems. It has also been linked to cancer in animals.

However, the chemical industry maintains that polycarbonate bottles contain little BPA and leach traces considered too low to harm humans.

"Consumer products made from polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, including products for infants and children, are accepted as safe for use by regulatory agencies around the world,'' Steven G. Hentges, the executive director, Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group of the American Chemistry Council, said Saturday in a statement commenting on Canada's decision.

The scientific debate over BPA could drag on for years. The European Union and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration say the chemical is safe. But the FDA is awaiting word from a scientific panel expected to deliver an independent risk assessment later this month.

Several U.S. states are considering restricting BPA use, some manufacturers have begun promoting BPA-free baby bottles, and some stores are phasing out baby products containing the chemical.

Wal-Mart Canada and other major retailers in Canada in recent months have begun removing BPA-based food-related products such as baby bottles and sipping cups from store shelves.

So to all momies out there..beli la bottle yang BPA-free ye..list of bottles that i know BPA free adalah MAM, pigeon glass bottles and nuby..Avent bkn BPA free be careful..
Sebenarnya, jika beli bottle yang jenama or dari plastic biasa pun tidak mengapa tetapi kena tukar dengan kerap dan kalau ada nampak scratch pada botol tu cepat2 la tukar sebab dari situ la bahan kimia yang tidak elok leak dalam susu anak...
Anyways, search la lagi ye pasal bottle yang BPA free ni..bukannye ape we just want the safest things for our children that's all..

Smile alwayz =)

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