Friday, October 10, 2008

~hubby's future present~

Okies..since I'm no longer searching for baby items on the net or at the shops I've changed my focus to something else.You see, I'm the type that easily gets bored with doing the same things for a period of time and I'll always find interest in other things. Hubby says I'm an all rounder..hehe..

The last thing that we bought for the baby is a hat. We searched every mall there is in Klang Valley(exaggerated it a little bit but part of it is true) for this perfect hat(hubby's the one yang choosy) and we ended up in Subang Parade and bought this nice pink stripped hat from pumpkin patch(similar to this pis but slightly larger stripes and different pink colour shades). Hubby really likes the colour shades from pumpkin patch and he decided to buy clothes for our baby at pumpkin patch in the future.

Back to what i was talking about earlier, I am now moving on to searching dslr cameras. wanna know how it started? simple really, hubby wants to buy me a new phone for my birthday and so i wanted to buy something special for his. He is passionate in music and also photography. so i asked him which present does he want either an electric guitar or a dslr camera which he wanted soo long and guess what, he wanted the camera. He said it'll be more useful for the whole family because he can capture beautiful memories in the future with our baby(so true and i totally agree).

After asking people's opinion and also reading up forums(still reading up) I've resulted in targeting for these cameras but I don't know which one I'll buy yet. It all depends on hubby really. Which ones he likes the best after testing it out at one of the camera shops .hehe. These are the top 3 cameras(for beginners) Canon EOS 4ood, Canon EOS 1000d and Nikon 60d. At first I was interested with olympus but after an advice from a friend for beginners you shouldn't go for olympus because the functions are more complicated..hehe..So staying away from dslr olympus camera. But will buy an olympus compact camera in the future. The canon model said to be a little bit pricey compared to Nikon. But then Nikon is said to have no auto focus, so u have to do it manually(have to find out if it's true or not).
my friends that i refer to for infos about these camera are fakhar and Ikhwan. They are somewhat an expert on cameras. The thing is with them is that Faha will promote Canon because he's currently using Canon camera and Ikhwan will promote Nikon is the best because he uses Nikon. This makes it more difficult. Anyhow, in the end the decision lies in my hubby's hands since he'll be the one using the camera..hehe

Owh and another thing, I need to also survey on good camera shops around as to get good deals at a bargain price with a good quality cameras. There are some shops that sells AP sets aswell, better watch out for those. The shops that I know that will give good bargains is in Sg. Wang(this shop called boeing), Lowyat Plaza, Lot 10 and also at Amcorp Mall(the easiest will be here I guess).

So what I have to do now is to save up for hubby's present as you might know that a dslr camera is not that cheap at all.The lowest price you can get is around RM1.4k. But that's a secondhand item and sometimes they only sell the body without the lens. Targeting to buy him a new one. Atleast it comes together with a manual and also a warranty. Hubby just wants me to buy a cheap one for him but from my opinion 'dah alang2 nak beli tu baik la beli yang betul2 bagus dan ada quality biarpun kene bayar lebih sikit atleast puas hati'. Wish me luck ya~.


Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

I pun dah lama carik DSLR, but tak sampai hati nak splurge a big sum of cash at one go.
But this place helped me survey:

wun said...

alahai comel jer nak beli camera untuk hubby u honey. next year kan? haa byk masa lagi insya'Allah..

wahyun said...
berlambak2 kat sini...silap2 bleh muntah pasir....
layari laman web ni, klik arah 'borderless biz'

Anonymous said...

nk advice,if u wanna buy nikon..
please..please and please don't buy d60 la by dear...
sgt sucks!!hahaha...
serius ckp..
kalo dicompare dgn cam compact,mereka adalah kategori serupa...hahaha..

if u wanna buy nikon,do buy nikon d80..
for sure u will get a very nice n superb pix (also dpends on ur pix setting n lens of course)...
nikon d80 (body only), it will cost u around 1.8k rite now...a new one...

FaRiSyA said...

Anis: thanks for the link..yup the camera is really expensive..soo i have to save up from now on..hehe..

wun: love u too honey..yup determined to buy you to make you happy..

wahyun: terima kasih for the aku xreti nk menggunakannye macam mane..kene explore lagi ni..hehe

pinky: wah, you pon tau all these stuff..bagus minat jugak yek..will take note pasal ade my friend recommend d70..ok?
sekarang yg popular and lastest id d90..but very expensive lorr..
maybe by the time i nk beli dah murah sikit kot..hehe

Anonymous said...

dear,im doing wedding photography biz with my hubby + big bro..
datz why i know a lot about these stuff..
we are nikon users = nikon d50,d80+d300...
if u wanna see da effect of d80,please visit:
see it and u will never regret to buy d80 dear..
for d300 effect, visit :
lain tu jgn amik port..:D

FaRiSyA said...

wah lawanye pic kat tue..kalau pandai edit lawa la kan the pics bargantung kepada camera juga?..kadang2 tue bile dah edit gmbar bese pon jadi lawa..i really can't tell the difference..

Anonymous said...

sbnrnye,seme tu bgantung pd setting kamera kite..
if u know to handle ur dlsr well,u will get a nice pix..
yg editing tu,skdr nk bg efek..
segala RO3,shutter speed,etc kene tau..
all da pix yg kt tu seme full frame,xde edit framing dia..
by means xde crop or anything...

Anonymous said...

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