Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking into the Mirror~

Last night we received our new furniture..yea!(at long last..). It was our new bedroom set. The set comes with, of course a bed, 2 side tables, a wardrobe and a dressing table together with a stool. The dressing table had a large mirror attached to it which is great because we did not even have a mirror in our bedroom before and only a small mirror which is hung beside an intercom next to the kitchen(I can only see my face in it and not the whole body, plus I'm short and hubby hung it a little bit high for me since he's tall). Since we did not have a mirror in the bedroom I did not have that much time to look myself in the mirror and could not careless how I look like. All I know is that I'm this pregnant women with a belly and that's all. I take mirrors for granted really.

So yesterday was the first time I looked myself in the mirror and saw this huge belly in front of me. I could not believe my eyes as before I only can see the top view. So anyways, it's huge, it's humongous, it's massive. People have been telling me about how huge my belly is but I thought they were exaggerating but now I know that it is as huge as how they said it. I was really shocked and speechless. I stared at the image for quite some time. I just could not believe the size of it. It also made me wonder how my belly can stretch that far out, where did all the extra skin come from? I mean i really had a flat tummy before and now it's bloated..heh..teruk betul..terpana jugak la kejap tengok diri sendiri besar ni besar betul rupanya...or maybe it's because I have a small figure I guess..

The effects of seeing my huge belly is now that I'm feeling a little bit scared. The fear that I had months before came back to haunt me. I kept on wondering whether I can deliver this baby the normal way or by C-section. Owh how I soo wonder how I can give birth the normal way. How eh to push the baby out?..huhue. This is my first time and the fear of delivering a child is quite normal as I don't know what to expect. Feeling scared for that day to come and yet I can't wait for it to come and get it over and done with..hmm. Still counting the days~

Smile Always =)

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wun said...

dun worry..i'll be right beside you...nanti tolong push perut u untuk push baby tu keluar..i tekan2 perut u pakai both hands..sweet kan?