Thursday, October 23, 2008

Many sleepless nights~

Yup as usual and like every other nights I will wake up around 2am to 3am in the morning to go to the toilet and after that getting back to sleep is practically impossible. There are some other nights where I will wake up two to three times just to go to the toilet. Seriously where does all this liquid come from? I don't think I drank that much either. It's good that every time nature calls I Will be awake by it, there are some who just let it out on the bed..hehe..I think..

It is really difficult or rather painful for me to get out of bed sometimes because of the cramps that comes and goes. I have to move really slowly as I don't want to be in more pain and at the same time trying to keep it in until I reach the toilet is quite a task. As people know pregnant women really have weak bladder and also they could not hold it for a long period, so when they feel like they need to go then they need to go..

Talking about last night. As usual went to the toilet around 2.30am then tried going back to sleep..which is impossible because I think the baby is not comfortable and it kept on moving...punching and kicking here and there..I don't know what to do..I kept on tossing and turning trying to get comfortable but i could not and the hot flushes did not help either. I was sweating and the fan is just right in front of me..what an irony..there is also the feeling that I thought I was going to be in labour because of the weird pains that i felt around my tummy and I also waited if there is any signs of me getting in labour such as strong contractions and liquid plus blood coming out down there..until then I did not want to wake hubby as i don't want him to worry too much..thankfully around 3.30am I think I got back to sleep..

And now because of what happened last night, I feel sleepy, tired and at the same time I have a splitting headache..trying really hard to focus until 4.30pm today..I have a strong will to come to work everyday until the day I'm in labour and at the same time my body is telling me to start taking leave because it's getting tired by the day and it needs a lot of rest and sleep..maybe it's time for me to take the leave..what do you think?

I don't want to take my maternity leave early as I want to spend more time at home after giving birth..huhue..I think I can still go to work...hhmm..well people before me did it..why can't I...

Just like to mention, this morning hubby with a happy tone told me about his dream...he had dreamt that I've already given birth to a beautiful daughter named sofeah..kate2 wan "comel betul anak kite, muka macam you..xda muka cam I sangat pon..muka cam you campur dengan muka biena(anak buah die)..".. macam-macam la suami tercinta ni..betul-betul tidak sabar menunggu kelahiran ahli keluarga baru..I'm soo happy to know that my beloved husband is happy and I know that our daughter will be beautiful in every way..Insya'Allah

Smile Alwayz =)

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wun said...

dalam mimpi tu, muka i cam Brad Pitt..owh no wait, muka Brad Pitt cam I..haha! doesn't make sense pun..hmm.

if tak larat, 1st of November amek maternity leave bagus gk kan rakan2? Yeeeee~ (imagining orang menjawap)..but then you'll have only one and a half month after je...confusing! benci mathematics.