Monday, October 13, 2008

Just something about me..the survey~

The longest survey you'll ever fill out! Do the world a favor: fill it out and post it for all your friends. Do this because the person who filled it out before you didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.
Starting time:
• 9:23 AM
• Faridatul Bariza Binti Md. Nasir
Shoe size:
• 4 or 5 but since i'm pregnant i wear a size 6(hippo feat)
What are you wearing right now?
• the traditional baju kurung
Where do you live?
• at work
Favorite Number/s
• 8, 11, 24
Favorite Drinks:
• plain water, juice(any type)
Favorite Months:
• January? (my birthday..hahah)

***********Have You Ever***********
Been in a bath tub:
• of course..everyday since my house have one
Swam in the ocean:
• yup..but hate it
Fallen asleep in school:
• dozens of front of the lecturer in fact..huhue
Broken someone's heart:
• sure have..did it for the better
Fell off your chair:
• sometimes..hardly..haha
Saved e-mails:
• used, just can't be bothered

***********What is************
Your room like:
• clean..hubby can't stand messes
What's right beside you?
• paperwork..huhue
What is the last thing you ate?
• last nite?..carrot, i'm fasting

------------Ever Had-------------
Chicken pox:
• of course..
Sore throat:
• sure have
• yup, on my forehead (accidently cut myself with a kitchen knife..hey, i was 5 then..hehe)
Broken nose:
• not yet..hehe

-----------Do You-----------
Believe in love at first sight?
• sure do..that' how i ended up with hubby
Like picnics:?
• love it..

Who was the last person you danced with?
• hubby..hehe..atleast we tried to..hikhik
Who last made you smile?
• him soo much
Who did you last yell at?
• no one yet even though i'm quite emotional these days due tue my due date commin up..huhue..

----------Final Questions-------------
Hate someone in your family?
• sure them all..miss them too..huhue
Diamond or pearl?
• diamond of course
Are you the Eldest?
• sure am

-------Today did you-----------
Talk to someone you like?
• yup...hubby..every morning
Kiss anyone?
• yup..before going to the shower
Get sick?
• sick?..nope..just the normal contration from time to time..huhue
Talked to an ex:
• ahaha..nope..why would i want to do that..hmm
Miss someone:
. sure do..hubby an family..huhue

----------Last person who----------
You talked to on the phone?
• no one yet for today

Have a crush on someone:?
• on hubby?..hehe
What books are you reading right now?
. it's been ages since i've read one.the next weekend will go to mph and buy a book..hehe
Best feeling in the world:
• falling in love and delivering a beautiful baby into this world(can't wait for this day to come even though i'm scared to death)
Future kids names?
• have 2..but not telling yet..hehe..some may know
Do you Sleep with stuffed animals?
• ahaha..nope..totally hate it..
What's under your bed?
• nothing since i dun have one..our mattress is on the floor..hehe..
Favorite locations:
• home sweet home..
Danced a slow dance with someone you didn't even like?
• if i dun like the person why waste my time and dance with them?
Who do you really hate?
• no one at this moment..unhealthy to hate..spread the love..
Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?
• like who?..chad Michael murray?..hehe
You lonely right now?
• nope..i've never been lonely since i'm married..even if i'm alone i have this baby inside me all the time..hehe

What time is it now?
• 9.33 AM

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