Thursday, October 9, 2008

~Me and Raya~

About last night, me, wan, mak(mother in law), sitti and biena went to this open house belonging to mak’s friend’s house auntie yatie for Hari Raya. There were many people as it was a grand open house together with one of auntie yatie’s daughter’s birthday (Anis). I really enjoyed the night because I ate rather a lot of food and the food was absolutely delicious. If I was not pregnant I tell you, I would have walked back and forth non stop to the buffet table. Foods that I ate was slices of lamb, kuew teaw(topped up twice..hehe), 5 mini popia, salad, a little bit of rojak buah, tauhu bakar, fruits, 2 mini plates of kuih raya, and air batu campur. Quite a lot huh. Yeah I know. I was really hungry that night. What surprises me was I ate a lot plus when we got home I still felt hungry. I don’t know why. I guess it’s true when people say pregnant woman do eat a lot and put on a lot of weight. Phew, I guess I’m lucky that I’m small build and if I do put on some weight people barely notice it.


Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

Makan je. Bantai. Nanti pantang macam2 takleh makan and kena makan benda2 yg mengarut!

wun said...

haha memang pun banyak makan..buncit dah perut you semalam i wait, that's the pregnancy..

you didn't tell the people about the Toyota Rush..hihi.

FaRiSyA said...

anis: yup..true2..nanti 2 bln kene tahan nafsu..huhue..

wun: owh ya forgot to tell...that anis gurl got a toyota rush for her 17th birthday from her lucky of her..huhue
- hey i xbuncit's ur anak yg sudah membesar..tunggu hari jer tue nk lihat dunia yang penuh pancaroba ini..hehe